Zolafoto Biography

“Life is too short to be ignorant about different cultures, far away lands, and majestic places. There is beauty in everything and the power of perception is the key tool needed to translate certain moments into a universal language, a medium which educates and teaches others from what I have been exposed to or simply what I have perceived through my lens, the window to my world.” Traveling the world before he could even remember becoming fascinated and intrigued by the world that surrounds him, Zola has begun a life long journey that will continue to take him to exotic locations and experiencing different cultures.

Heavily influenced by his upbringing, born in Hong Kong, raised on the tropical Mirconesian island of Guam, spending summers in Alaska, and traveling extensively through a multitude of countries and continents: Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Macau, the Philipine Islands, Fiji, Australia, Mexico, the West Indies, Canada, Europe, and the United States of America, has created his own unique view of the world. Early travels has spawn Zola’s photographic education to receiving a BA in Art at the University of San Diego and attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. For the past few years, Zola has been shooting internationally in conjuncton with his travels and fine art photograhy pursuits.

National Geographic Adventure Magazine
Satori Builders
Dream Homes Magazine
Knight and Carver Yachts
Alluv Recordings
Allen Bros.
La Strada Ristorante
DJ Halo
Pepper’s Sunglasses
Dranginis Inc.
Ola’s Coffee
Doubledown Records
Seasons Records


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One response to “Zolafoto Biography

  1. Lena Wang

    Hi, Im your cousin from Indonesia
    I just glad that I find you after such a long time and almost lost contact.
    Just send my regards to your family, Xantha and Uncle Bob?
    I always pray for Aunt Welly, sometimes I missed her a lot.

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