This is The Month of The Owl in Native American Astrology as This Draft Will Show

This Draft Reflects The Meaning of The Owl from A Universal Perspective through Native American and Celtic Understanding

Pictures of The OWL Reflects The Wisdom Within One Coming Forth

The Owl has Always Been Seen as The Bird of Wisdom , The Mind of All Knowingness and Mind of All Seeingness

The Owl Comes to Those Who are More Scorpionic and Plutonian as The Owl is a Night Bird and Awakens Its Higher Self at Night

So Its Mind and Senses are Attuned to Thinking Freely without The Restrictions of Mans Daylight World


Children have Grown Up with Nursery Stories of Wise Old Owls Hooting in The Middle of The Night Talking to The Planets and Elements

As Well as The Ancient Greek Legends to The Wise Owls in Western Modern Stories of Wini The Pooh and The Owl and The Pussycat

Each Fairy Story that Children Read Reflects The Inner World and Imagination of The Subtle Mind and Planet Earth

But Also The Ability for Man to See His Subtle Mind and Self through Intuition and Introspection which The Night Hours 12 to 6 Am Represent

Man has Seen Images in Folk Tales of Owls as The Quintessential Bearers of Knowledge and Sagacity

From Ancient Athens The Silver Four-Drachma Coin Bore The Image of The Owl On The Obverse Side as A Symbol of The City’s Patron Athene Pronoia , The Greek Goddess of Wisdom Who in An Earlier Incarnation was The Goddess of Darkness

The Owl Whose Modern Scientific Name Athene Carries This Heritage Came to Represent Wisdom from Its Association With The Dark

The Owl was Also The Guardian of The Acropolis and The Roman Statesman Pliny The Elder Wrote that Owls Foretell Only Evil and Are to Be Dreaded More than All Other Birds in Many Other Cultures

Owls Represent Wisdom and Knowledge because Their Nocturnal Vigilance is Associated with That of The Studious Scholar or Wise Elder

According to One Christian Tradition, Owls Represent The Wisdom of Christ which Appeared Amid The Darkness of The Unconverted

To Early Christian Gnostics The Owl is Associated with Lilith, The First Wife of Adam Who Refused His Advances and Control

The Owl had A Place as A Symbol in The King Arthurian Legends Since The Sorcerer Merlin was Always Depicted with An Owl On His Shoulder

As The Mind of All Knowingness and All Seeing Eye of Perception and Intuition into The Underworld

In Japan Owl Pictures and Figurines have Been Placed in Homes to Ward Away Famine or Epidemics


In The Native American Cultures They See The Owls As Bestowers of Supernatural Knowledge and Divination.

In The Menominee Myth of The Origin of Night and Day, Wapus ( Rabbit ) Encounters Totoba ( The Saw-Whet Owl and The Two Battle for Daylight ( Wabon ) and Darkness ( Unitipaqkot ) by Repeating Those Words

Totoba Errs and Repeats Wabon and Daylight Wins, but Wapus Permits that Night should also have a Chance for The Benefit of The Conquered and Day and Night were Born

The Pawnee Tribe View The Owl as A Symbol of Protection The Ojibwa A Symbol of Evil and Death

As Well as A Symbol of Very High Status of Spiritual Leaders of Their Religion and The Pueblo Associated The Owl with Skeleton Man The God of Death and Spirit of Fertility

The Ojibwa Peoples at Cultural Celebrations in Duluth Minnesota , Use Dried Wings of Great Horned Owls as Hand Held Fans to Cool Themselves on Hot Days After Participating in Tribal Dances

Mother Earth Spirituality describes The Four Directions of The Sacred Hoop The Four Quarters of The Planet North, East , South and West

With The Power of Earth , Sky , Sun and Moon and All Related Life of The Native Americans Belief of The Natural Elements

In Tibetan Shamanism and Ancient Philosophy The Four Quarters of The Earth were Ruled by Kings Called Chakravartin Kings Who Ruled a Quarter or Half of The Planet

This Reflects Very Much in Tibetan Buddhism that The Native Americans Beliefs of The Four Directions are Reflective of The Buddhas that Protect The Four Gateways that Surround Earth

As The Native Americans Originate from Mongolia and Tibet then This is Why Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism Reflects into The Native American Philosophy and The Four Directions of Their Foundation Philosophy

The Snowy Owl Represents The North and The North Wind , The Traditional Oglala Sioux Indians from Central North America Admired The Snowy Owl

And Warriors Who had Excelled in Combat were Given A Cap of Owl Feathers to Signify Their Bravery

An Old Time Society of The Sioux was Called The Owl Lodge.

This Society Believed that Nature Forces would Favour Those Who Wore Owl Feathers and as A Result Their Vision would Become Increased with A Greater Intuition and Introspection of Mind

The Owl is A Good Example of A Creature that Possesses Special Supernatural Powers Not Found in Other Animals

As This Creature is Reflective of The Planet Pluto and Scorpio which is The Sign of Death , Rebirth , Warriors , Intuition , Spiritual Insight

Some Native American Nations in The U.S. have Strong Taboos Against Owls. For Example, The Apaches View The Owl as The Most Feared of All Creatures

The Apache Tell of The Deep Taboo Against Owls in An Old War Story

Historically Apaches Shared The Widespread Athabascan Fears of Owls as The Embodied Spirit of Dead Apache Warriors Killed in Battle

In The Apache Campaign in The Sierra Madre It Related A Famous Story of How Apache Scouts Tracking The Outlaw Geronimo became Frightened when One of The U.S. Soldiers Found and Brought Along A Great Horned Owl

The Scouts Told Bourke that It Was A Bird of Ill Omen and that They Could Not Capture The Chiricahua Rebels if They Took The Bird with Them. The Soldier was Forced to Leave The Owl Behind

In Another Example The Consortium of Yakama Tribes in Washington State in The U.S. Use The Owl as A Powerful Totem

Such Taboos or Totems Often Guide Where Forests Are and Natural Resources are Used and Managed in the form of Minerals and Gold

In Native American Astrology The Month of Sagittarius is

The Month of The Owl from November 23 rd to December 21 st

The Owls Earth Nature is The Long Nights of Waiting

The Owls Spiritual Direction North West

The Owls Wind Direction The West Wind and Its Totem The Grizzely Bear

The Owls Element Fire With Earth

The Owls Animal Totem The Owl

The Owls Plant Totem Mistletoe

The Owls Precious Stone Obsidian

The Owls Polarity / Compatible Totem The Deer

The Owls Colour Gold

The Owls Personality Adventurous, Warm , Happy, Jovial

The Owls Clan Hawk Clan of Fire and Action , To Change Circumstances

The Owls Emotion Warm

The Owls Intention / Motivation Objectivity to Seek Meaning

The Owls Character Sincere

The Owls Positive Traits Conscientious , Adaptable , Versatile

The Owls Negative Traits Tactless, Restless, Impulsive

The Owls Libido Adventurous

The Owls Friends Falcon and Salmon

The Owls Goals of Life Understanding and Communication

The Owls Subtle Mind To Be More Determined

The Owls Needs To Develop Optimism, Enthusiasm, Concentration

The Owl Needs to Avoid Greed , Excess, Exaggeration

The Owls Life Goal To Become More Self Orientated

The Owls Best Day and Time Thursday which is Jupiters Day Ruler of Sagittarius

And The Hours of 7 to 9 Am / 7 to 9 Pm

For Those Who Wish to Know More About Totem Animals and Native American Astrology

Tap Into Google = The Owl in Native American Horoscope in Spiritproject ( spiritproject being one word )


In The Celtic Tales of Old The Owl was Used by The Celtic Shaman as The Eyes and Ears of Intuition and Perception

Like The Cat is The Eyes and Ears of The Witches and Warlocks , The Owl is The All Seeing Eye of Wisdom

Hence Why in The Shamans Healing of Wings or Feathers were Placed On The Eyes of The Sick or Those Who Seek Spiritual Wisdom

So They Could See The Cause of Pain and Where Its Karma Came From or The Door Spiritually Through which They Could Break On through to The Other Side

The Shaman of The Celtic World would Place Owl Feathers On The Sick Persons Ailments and This Would Symbolise The Destruction to The Illness Within The Body and Psyche

For The Owl Being A Plutonian Creature had The Power to Remove The Sickness and Karmic Obstacles that The Individual Suffered From

The Celts Would Place The Feathers On The Feet of The Warriors before Battle so that They Would Gain Strength and Lightness of Step , so that They Could Outrun and Outfight The Enemy

By Placing The Feathers On The Survival Chakras of The Feet which Reflect The Power and Root of Ones Ingenuity and Intuition , as Well as Murder, Death , War , Revenge

This Would Aid A Warrior in Battle Giving Him The Power of Introspection, Vision to See The Victory and Perception to See The Enemy in All Directions

For On A Field of Battle It was Not Uncommon in Highland Times for Warriors to Kill Their Own Clansmen due to The Clan Tartans being Muddied and The Mass of Men All Fighting to Survive

Some Choosing to Side With The Enemy Once The Battle had Begun Like The Nobles of Scotland did with Wallace at The Battle of Falkirk in 1298


As With All Cultures The Animal Kingdom was Used as Mediums to Describe The Personality and Character of The Human Realm as A Hunter and Gatherer, but at The Same Time Mans Survival Instincts were Animal Orientated Originally

Man Carries from Another Universe and Past Life Animal Traits so Man as An Astrology Reflects The Natures of The Animal Kingdom

To Look at The Natal Birth Animal is One Thing that Only Reflects The Genetic Animal Traits and Base Nature

Look at The Year of Conception as The Animal You were Conceived Through Will Have More Relevance as This is Growing as A Mind Rather than A Body as Genetics Do

The Animals are The Origin of Mans True Self , The Human is The Refined Higher Mind of The Animal Form, hence Why Man Still has Animal Tendencies and Behaviour

Hence Why Animal Spells in Anagram Form

I AM AN ANIMAL As well As I AM A MAN , A LAMA ANd A MANI stone of speaking

My own destruction and creation ( man ) , teaching ( lama ) and prophecy and destiny ( mani stone )

for As A MAN I cAN NAIL A MAN to A piece of wood As If he were AN ANIMAL

for this type of MAN comes from the ANAL part of the universe , where hell is no longer a word ANd the word ANIMAL is no longer a description for MAN



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  1. Thank you for these cultural perspectives.

    They still are very alive, I suggest you to visit our website.

    I am an Algonquin Medicine Man and working pro-actively to prepare individuals, communities and govs to reduce morbidity and mortality in epidemics, pandemic and disasters.

    If you google Snowy Owl pandemic, you will notice for how many years I have work on this.

    I invite you to visit the First Nations – Hunters – Remote Communities Room at

    Thank you

  2. Screachingowl planty

    Oki…My brother It has been an honor to visit with family. I also walk with the teachings of the Snowy Owl medicine .If there is anything I can help with in any way I t would be an honor. My people are Kainaiwa . May you walk in beauty as the Creator keeps you safe till we speak again…….Owl

  3. Cristina Alexander

    This is so much information on the Owl and its power in different cultures.

  4. Norm

    a huge owl about 05:00 am parked itself in a very tall sparse evergreen tree for a long time with a quite owl like sound-it then flew into our huge oak tree for a feww minutes before flying off – could this have any symbolism.

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  6. Elma Rosalez Almazan

    a owl follow me I walk about 7:00 to 9:00 the owl is on the rigth of my shoulder he flys to the ligth pole if I walk ot the left he is thare looks at me and flys I walk to the north he is on the grass look at me and flys away I come home and rest a minute on the bench and the owl flys by so so close to me I can rich and touch it but before he flys he woowoo I am not afraid of the owl I amaze with the owl

  7. Belinda

    Last night I dreamed of a golden owl, he was huge, who landed in front of me in my garden and handed me a golden staff with an owl symbol on it…. I have my own interpretation of this and your writings have enriched and validated my understanding…. thank you!! Blessings…

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