More Adventures Abroad with Zola Bruso
Werds and photos by Zola Bruso

Oahu’s North Shore, seven miles of pristine coastline running up
the northern shore of this Hawaiian island is “Surfings Greatest
Arena” . Not only are the waves big, bad, and gnarly, but the at-
titudes that go with them are ever present too. Waves such as
the Banzai Pipeline break at heights of up to 30 feet, and so close
to shore you can feel the beach shake as these arctic born waves
crash over the shallow reef.

Every year elite surfers from all over the world venture like a pil-
grimage to the North Shore to seek these epic waves. Along
with various contests that are staged on the North Shore, mind
blowing freesurfing can be witnessed day to day. Unfortunately,
surfers are periodically taken down by the beast, sometimes giv-
ing their lives as well. It is not a place for the “faint hearted,” com-
mitment and confidence are the two main ingredients needed to
tackle the North Shore.

The best day of the 2007 year was here. When the winds are
right, and the swell is up, witnessing what Pipeline can deliver is
awe inspiring. Perfect huge tubes, glassy conditions, and waves
big enough you can fit Volkswagens in the barrel. No contests
running, it was up for grabs. No water photogs were out, too big.

“Brah, you like go!?”

Just like the waves you drew in your notebook at school, Noah Erikson (Team O’neill) gets a perfect
tube. Look for this young upstart as he will be sure to be bashing lips at a break near you. Hey Brah,
his sister can surf better than you!

The waves were breaking on the outer reef, 30 feet or so, and drawing the water from
the first reef. As the waves decrease in size pulling water off the first reef, to 20 feet or
so, they hit the shallow first reef and UNLOAD! Crashing in only a few feet on water,
a pounding here can be fatal. As *Turtle would say, “When the wave crashes here,
DON’T be there!”

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