THE PERFECT VERSION RE EDIT of the poem of the filming of JUDGE DREDD


The filming of judge dredd was completed this time 12 yrs ago and this is the poem and story which tells of that film set

It was a futuristic film which speaks of mans evolution in many hundreds of years from now

As much as it may seem far fetched in its story line , all that man creates of films like this reflects how mans higher mind sees life on other planets beyond earth

The evolution of man in the aquarian age will evolve his heaven to earth demigod ego and creates the technological judge dredd world that we are living in on earth

All man films and creates reflects the higher mind of aquarius which reflects how life is on higher planes and planets beyond this planet earth

Hence why the demigods as they come from the planes beyond this planet they bring heaven or hell to earth depending on which planet they come from before their physical birth in this life

This then reflects in the action they perform on earth be that creation or destruction

But all demigods become famous in one form or another , as their heaven to earth nature reflects a greater mind which needs more freedom to expand and grow

Fame on earth gives them that freedom of __expression



The Day Arrived When The Film Began to Roll
The Rain was Falling On Body, Mind and Soul
Standing On a Film Set with Pink, Black and Blue Hair
This Was a Reflection of A Rainbow and Celtic Fair

We Stood and Waited For The Cameras Light and Action
The Director Saw The Two Fingered Distraction
He Pulled The Offender Out of The Crowd
And Shouted at Him to Go With a Voice That Was Loud

The Scenes Were Real which Made One See The Creative Mind
A Film Set of The Future Where One Could Fast Forward or Rewind
This Was a Blockbuster a Film of The Year
Judge Dredd was a Futuristic Bard and Seer

Stallone Came On Set and Gave His Orders to The Crew
The Day Went Quickly Like a Bird it Flew
The Extras Were Over 400 in Number and Soul
They Were The Superstars which Made The Film Whole

The Extras Stood in The Rain Scenes with Water On Their Heads
The Near Naked Girls were Blue with Cold Nearly Dead
The Quiffs , Mohicans , Shaved Heads were Wet to The Bone
As a Director was Calling For Towels and Clothes on a Mobile Phone

The Runners Were Getting Rico Ready for His Shoulder Barge
The Universal Warrior was Armed with His Sword and Targe
The Walk along The Path with Rain and Music Aloud
Both These Warriors Walked Tall and Proud

Rico and The Warrior with Another On The Right
Clashed in The Middle of The Field Mars Was In Sight
The Director had to Retake This Scene a Few Times to Refine
All Three Men Were Seeing The Eye of The Tiger Mind

Rico Looked at The Warrior With A Hatred in His Eye
Both had Sore Shoulders And a Mind Questioning Why
The Other Man Stood Looking at The Show
Rico and The Warrior Stood with Their Swords Aglow

Judge Dredd Appeared On Set The Crowd Went into a Frenzy
As Stallone Walked On in Uniform and Into a Camera Lensey
The Person with The Camera was Taken Outside and Dismissed
So The Film Was Not in The Papers Before it Reached The Hit List

For a Short While Stallone Stood With The Extras and Camera Crew
He Had 6 inch Heels and Raises His Personal Height had Grew
He Stood Next to The Warrior Who Was About To Touch His Shoulder
A Man Said , Dont Do It , His Presence Getting Bolder

The Universal Warrior Looked at Stallones Newly Modelled Face
It Had Been a Plastic Surgeons and Make Up Girls Overnight Race
To Get Stallones Dredd to Look Mean For The Film Today
Stallone was Testing His Image On The Cameras that Stood in His Way

Jackie Stallone Came On Set with Her Astrological Planetary Stars
She had Pictures with Mohawks and Quiffs as High as The Sky so Far
Jackie Stood On The Film Set and Spoke of Her New Star Books
She told of Future Progressions and How Their Lives Will Look

The Stallones Stood On The Dredd Set with Cameras Clicking Away
These Were Pictures For America and Newspapers for USA Today
Stallone Stood Aside So The Dredd Outfit Was Not In Camera View
Otherwise The Film Company Has Court Injunctions Trying to Sue

Judge Dredd Walked On Set a Proud Man and In Control
The Hollywood Energy Reflects The Demigod Body, Mind and Soul
Judge Dredd was Acting His Role of Exploding a Floating Car
As He Judged The Driver and Car with a Gun from The Future Afar

The Driver said, No As Judge Dredd Blew The Car into Heaven
The Remaining Pieces of The Car Numbered Seven to Eleven
The Driver was Arrested for Parking Tickets and Back Chat
So Dredd Blew His Car Up Along with His Hat

Judge Dredd had His Film Part Where He Was Using The Judge Gun
He Ran Across The Set Shooting The Bad Guys in Rain not Sun
Judge Dredd Stood in Model Like Pose and Loudly Said
I Am The Law , Put Your Weapons Away , For I Am Judge Dredd

Then Came The Moment When Judge Dredd was Framed
Dredd Stood There Waiting for His Calling of Shame
Politics and Lies Were in The Future As Well As The Past
For Dredd it Reminded Him of Other Times, This Thought Was Fast

Judge Dredd was Charged with Murder and Imprisoned
For This Crime Dredd Became His Higher Mind Old and Wizened
He Fought The Ambush and Framed Charges Accused to Him
Judge Dredd was a Universal Destroyer of Karma and Sin

The Extras Queued Up for Hot Drinks All Round
It Was Now 3 am In The Morning Sleeping On The Ground
The Talk Was Ranging from Stallone to Music Festival Hype
To Be On The Dredd Set You had to be AWarrior Type

The Universal Warrior Was A Rebel With A Secret Camera in Pocket
Pictures Were Taken of The Extras and Film Set in His Cameras Locket
The Opportunity Came to Sell The Film at a Price to a Newspaper Chain
He Kept The Pictures Treasured like His Stars of Planetary Fame

The Night Shoots Brought Out All Colours of Hair and Clothes
The Punk Mohicans were Pink , Orange , Black , Red and Mauve
The Quiffs were Stiffened and Curled with Hairspray Galore
Shaved Heads were Tattooed , Once A Head of Buddhist Law

The Clothes of Girls in The Rain Scenes Was An Imagination of Mind
The Blue Skin Gave One The Chance to See The Strength One Finds
When They Seek Fame and Fortune or A Moment of Glory
Which The Girls Saw On Judge Dredd Their Past Life Demigod Story

The Day Came When Dredd and The Extras Met On The Film Set
Above The Ground They Stood as Judge Warriors in the Cold and Wet
Stallone Stood with A Cigar in Hand Staring at the Mohawks in Sight
Ordering The Camera Film to be in Colour and Black and White

The Camera Clicked Away From Black and White to Colour
The Clouds Above The Set Making The Days Winter Weather Duller
The Pictures With Dredd Were Many in Number and Frame
One of Them was Destined For Time Magazine Hall of Fame Name

The Camera Clicked the Pictures which Were to Make a New Name
For The Judge Warriors , Now They have a Hollywood Fame
The Pictures were Now Taken and The Extras Left The Set
The Universal Warriors Prophecy of Years Before Now a Living Bet

For The Universal Warrior Said He would Meet Stallone Himself
This Was a Whisper of the Soul where The Mind is Rich and Full of Wealth
Judge Dredd and The Universal Warrior Stood Alone with Two Others
As They Talked about Rambo and Rocky as if They were Universal Brothers

Stallone Signed His Name on a Piece of Paper for His Time
The Universal Warrior Saw how The Lords Hand Worked so Fine
The Prophecy of Years Before Now in Clear Blue Sky
Both These Demigods Questioned How and Why

Stallone and The Warrior went onto The Film Set to Carry On The Fun
The Filming for The Extras was Almost Complete a Battle Now Won
Everyone was Talking about The Photos in Magazines in Hollywood
The Film was Showing how The Battle of Evil was Won by The Hand of Good

The Time Came When The Final Scenes were to be Filmed in Time
Judge Dredd was Released from His Prison The Sequence Worked in Line
Dredd Stood on The Court House Steps with Judge Hershey His Friend
Looking Out at The Extras and Judges that The Hollywood Energy had Sent

The Camera Panned Out On to The Set to Reveal The Extras Cheering Faces
As Dredd was Released from Hell a Karmic Journey with No Frills or Laces
The Warrior was in The Middle of The Extras and Judges Seeing Through
That Judge Dredd was Now Free to Start a Life Anew

The Universal Warrior was Clapping this You could See on Film and Cassette
As He Stood Over Judge Dredds Left Shoulder on The Film Set Where They Met
He was Wearing Black Leathers , Studs and Green Webbing of Old Army Forces
The Dredd Uniform was a Future __Expression of Mans Rich Monetary Sources

The Extras as Judge Dredd Rode Away on His Judge Bike Stood and Cheered
For Judge Dredd was a Warrior who Knew No Doubt or Fear
He Protected The Free and Innocent with His Judge Law Maker Gun and Bike
As He Said , I Am The Law through a Hollywood Mike

The Extras were now Free as They Went On Their Way
They had the Wealth of a Demigod Ego for Many a Night and Day
This Awoke for Many Their Own Fame and Fortune from Within
For a Demigod Ego is Broad with Wealth not Thin

The Universal Warrior Went On His Way Once More
He found Himself Travelling and Creating His Own Revolution and War
For Over Ten Years He Travelled Seeing Life and God in Motion
Which Led Him to Scotland The Land of Devas and Magical Potions

He Struck His Sword in The Skye and Held Aloft The Might of Claymore
And Taught The Universe of The Planets and Stars which in The Skye They Saw
Then Judge Dredd Came Again through The Email to Say
That The Demigod Mind and Oneself is The Spiritual Way

This Came at a Time when The Warrior was On Magazine and Radio
Speaking of Planets , Stars , Judge Dredd and The Demigod Ego
The Picture of Him , Judge Dredd The Hero and Crew
Gave The Warrior The __Expression which One Day Slew

All The Speculation of Where , What , When and Who
For He was The Warrior with Dredd in Gods Sky so Blue
It Came at a Time with Planets Progressing Their Motions in Time
Now an Astrology Talk Will Come which has A Poetic Story and Rhyme

The Warrior Explained about The Meaning of Stallone
It Meant that Stallones Soul was The Actor not The Body on The Phone
The Rambo Man on The Road Reflects The Name as Sta Allone to be Free
The Rocky Man Reflects The Name as Sta All One so The Eyes Can See

The Warrior Spoke of The Demigods and Explained that They were Souls
Who Come from The Astral Worlds Above Earth to Make Their Ego Whole
By Gaining a Physical Body and Bringing Heaven to Earth
They Could Live Out Their Heavenly Ego in One Universal Rebirth

The Demigods on Earth have to Live a Free Life to Retain
The Life of a Heavenly Being which on Earth is The Same
As it was in The Heavenly Planets Away in The Skye
Where The Devas , Angels and Demigods Freely Fly






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