the celtic meaning of a pagan and paganism

Mhaith Maidin

A Message Spoken to The Highlanders Centuries and Moons Ago

As much as The Universal Energy has Invaded into Scotland

Due to The Cusping of The Age of Aquarius over the past 980 yrs since 1023 ad

This was Rising Mans Universal Consciousness into the Pure Age of Aquarius since 1999 at the Total Eclipse

But Still The Scottish Highlands Speak Their Truth


I AM A PAGAN is The Message in the word The Grampians to The Highlanders who Lived and Travelled in The West and East Coasts of Scotland Many Centuries Ago , Hence why They were so Free


In The Past 100yrs The Word PAGAN and PAGANISM has been given a Slanderous and Degraded Perspective of Natural Worship of The Elements and Nature Beings

As this Draft will Explain , The Term PAGAN means One who is Universal in Their Understanding of God , Religion and Their Spiritual Perspective

They are not Ruled by Anything Other than Their Own Understanding and Live by Their Own Creedences and Not by the Dictates of Man or Books

PAGANISM is The Love of Nature , The Love of Creation and The Love of Oneself Before Anything Else

This is Why Religion gives No Love of Oneself , but Makes One a Slave to The Soul , Mind and Consciousness of Spirituality or Devotion of Anothers Opinion

Which in Todays Age One is a Slave to the Dictates of Gurus , Lamas , Priests who in the End are Abusive in Their Position as Leaders and Teachers

PAGANS are People who Remove this Slave and Sheep Mentality by Destroying The External Attachment to Seeking God and Devote Their Time to Seeking Within To Who They Are

And Not Seeking Another Human as God or Giving Them the Power to Dominate , be that Physically , Mentally , Emotionally , Spiritually , Psychically or Astrally

PAGANS are Those who Should Respect The Planet and Understand The Laws of Nature and Allow The Spiritual Energies to go through Them from Within

And Not be A Slave Walking The Street Finding God or Giving God in the Form of Manmade Literature or Toys

PAGANS are Free People by Nature who Live From Within Themselves

Burdening not The Universe or Others for Their Needs

QUESTION ; Why have Pagans and Druids been Persecuted over The Ages

ANSWER ; The Real Pagans and Druids are Persecuted because They are Dependent on Themselves for Their Spiritual Evolution and not a Church or Spiritual Leaders of a Manmade Order

They Do Not Worship Idols , Statues or Deities

They Do Not Worship Books , Gurus , Hierarchy and Disciplic Lines of Teaching and Authority

They are in Their True Sense Yogis who have The Power to Live in the Physical World , but in The Subtle Realms or in Their Subtle Body as an Astral Force , Rather than Physical

Hence why Their Spirituality is so Extreme or Ingenius as No Longer are They Priests and Monks Wandering on Pilgrimage

But are Spiritual Warriors who have a Mission and a Purpose to Exact Knowledge on The Planet Regardless to The Obsticales

Hence why King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table were The Original Knights Templar and were True Pagans , Living by Graces from Beyond Earth as Spiritual Warriors

The 12 Knights were The 12 Constellations and The Round Table was The Astrological Birth Wheel and Wheel of Life

PAGANS Live by Intuitive Actions , Rather than Karmic Physical Ego Actions which Restrict Them through Their Own Greed

Hence why They Live in Countrified Places , Mountains , Near Beaches and Exist on Their Spiritual Senses

Rather than Living in Cities , Towns Manmade Energy and Manmade Buildings of Spiritual Enlightenment

They have Always been Persecuted due to Their Need of being Free from Rules, Regulations
of God

Which in Mans Way Restricts the Natural Beauty of Some Ones Soul and Mind through Following Rules which are Contradictory and Hypocritical

Pagans and Druids were Persecuted due to Them being Naturally Gifted in Astrology , Magic , Healing

Which at The Time of Christs Crucifixion there was a lot of Genocide of Pagan Groves and The Druidic Beliefs

Due to The Romans Installing Organised Catholicism which Resulted in The Pagans and Druids crossing The Continent from Italy and France to Britain

Just to Escape the Tyranny and to Continue Their Worship and Peaceful Life Among Nature which Scotland and The Western Isles of Ireland Gave Them


A PAGAN is not One of Religion or a Denomination of an Institution

The Meaning of The Word PAGAN is One who is Universal in Their Understanding of God or Spiritual Devotion

The Word PAGAN Reflects Someone who has Superseded Religion in its Organised Conditioned Sense and no longer has the need to Seek God in The Religious Hierarchical Way of Pompous Ceremonies

Or Over The Top Worship of Men and Women who Claim Themselves as God and who use Blackmail

As a Means to Control Their Naive Child Like Disciples by telling Them Their Downfall is Their Ego such as they do in Indian Temples

And Scaring Them into Bowing at Their Feet through Astral Vampires or Astrally Projecting onto Them Their Fears and Illusions of Their Own Ego

So Their Disciples Cannot See Their Own Mind or Feel Their Own Intuition , due to Their Own Personality being Drowned by a More Ignorant Force

As Well as The Copious Amounts of Food which are Consumed in The Name of Seeking a Higher Consciousness Through Indulging in Earth Energy

A PAGAN is Some Who has the Ability to Learn from Them Self , rather than Teachers of Organised Laws and Religions

Who Abuse Their Position due to Their Ego or Mind getting More Power than it can Cope With

A PAGAN is a Natural Reflection of One who Seeks to Develop Their Spirituality without The Restrictions and Rituals that Organised Manmade Religion Reflects

A PAGAN is Someone who has The Understanding of All Life Forms and They are Moved by Nature and not The Dictations of Man and His Personal Opinion or so called Rules

A PAGAN when in Their True Reflection of Who They Really are Reflects a Natural Understanding , A Compassion , A Peace and a Martial Arts Nature of Allowing The Soul to Manifest in its Own Way

Religions are Dogmatic , They are Fanatical , They are Obsessed , They are Barbaric People who have No Love or Compassion for Spiritual Understanding or Natural Realisation

Who are Ignorant to the facts of Spirituality and The True Essence of The Soul , Consciousness and Mind

Who in Reality Follow The Dictations of Another and not through Realisation of What They Hear from Within

But through Ignorance of Wishing to Escape from Life Itself by Attaching to Anothers Ego as a means of Escape

A PAGAN is Someone who has Travelled Beyond Childlike Religions who Claim to Know God , have Abilities to see God and have the Audacity to Say Only They The Teacher knows God Personally

Hence why Those People are still Living in a Conditioned Understanding of Who God is , They Reject Nature as Nothing more than Extensions of Ego and Past Life Karma

Which true as this may be , in that All Creatures on Earth are Souls Living through Different Rebirths of Nature be that Nature, Animal , Human

The perspective of Those in Dogmatic Unnatural Religions is to Try and Kill Their Physical Body , Mind and Emotions to Free Themselves of Karma as Quickly as Possible

A PAGAN Knows Within Them Self that Karma and the Law of Nature are something which move in Their Own Time

They See the Unending Nature of Life and They have an Appreciation for the Ignorance and Dirt of Life

In that They See Mans Destruction as a Product of The Ages , for Today Man is in The Age of Aquarius and The Age of Kali

This is The Age of Science , Planets , Constellations in The Aquarian Sense Seeing Man as a Product of His Own Karma through The Planetary System and not a Child or Lamb of God as He was Taught in The Pisces Age

And in The Kali Age Irreligion , Hypocrisy , Destruction to Spiritual Understanding as well as The Planet Earth due to this being a Metallic Age or Kali being ruled by Metals

Hence why Uranus and Mars Rule The Ages One is in now , hence why Unpredictable and Physical Destruction is at its Greatest

This also showing that Mans Karma is Leading Him to Create more Negative Actions and Destruction of The Planet through His need of Experimentation of Nuclear Weapons , Science and Technology

That is why a PAGAN Lives in Their Understanding of Man Creating His Own Karma and They do not have Fear to that Destruction or Creation

Another Expression of PAGANISM is Seen through Those who have North Nodes in Water Constellations Cancer , Scorpio , Pisces or Earth North Nodes in Taurus , Virgo and Capricorn

For These Signs are more Bohemian , Natural in Their Expression and are able to Appreciate The Natural Worship of Nature when They have Spiritual Karma Ripening

Those of Fire North Nodes Aries , Leo , Sagittarius are more Drawn to Power , Control and Domination and Live within City Life and Places of Power

So They End Up in Positions of Power such as Gurus , Lamas or Priests due to Their Extreme Physical Expression

The Air North Nodes Gemini , Libra , Aquarius are again Drawn to City Life and in Most Cases even when They have Spiritual Karma Ripening They have Positions of Power as Teachers and Communicators

Organised Religions are Fanatics which may Talk about The Laws of Karma and the Ignorance and Destruction

But actually Live in Fear of People of a Material Nature due to Their Own Ego Reacting to Material Stimuli or Temptation and Their Own Astrological Karma, Ego or Mind

Which in Reality does not show a True Realisation of Karma or The Philosophy that Teaches Them

Or The Faith that They say They have in The God that Provides Them with The Philosophy or Knowledge They Have

A PAGAN is Someone who in Reality Lives in The Shadow World , They do not Live in Daylight

They Live in Twilight , They Live with The ___Expression of The Eye of Buddha or The Eye of The Yogi

Where They See Both Sides of Life , but Neither One Dominates Them or Has Control over Them

A PAGAN is Someone who Reflects no need of Brandishing Their God on The Surface as Mine is Better Than Yours , due to Them having a Respect for that which They Believe In as well as Themselves

A PAGAN is Not an Egotist , they are People who Do Not Need to Teach or Control The World through Taking Money

Or Giving Out Yards of Material of what They Believe in , They Work from Within and Live in Accordance to what They Understand from Within Themselves

A PAGAN Lives for Them Selves and allows The Spiritual Energy to Work through Them rather than Trying to Play God Themselves through using Their Physical Ego

Which is What Most Religions Try to do and this is why They have so much Contradiction and Hypocrisy Attached to Them

A PAGAN is Someone who Removes Their Own Ego and Karma through Living through the Experience of The Body , Mind and Emotions , rather than Denying the Karma and Ego that One has

Which Religions do through Giving Their Karma to Their Teacher or Nailing a Man to a Piece of Wood and giving Him the Cause of Their Suffering in The Form of Their Sins

So in Simple Terms as much as The Religions Reflect The Spirituality of Seeking God and have all The Austere Religious Principles and Penances ,

They lack The Faith in Their Words They Talk as They are Forever Challenging Everything on Earth

As They Wish to Reflect Themselves as Purer than God Himself which Then Reflects Ego , rather than Realisation

A PAGAN in Their True Sense is Someone who Lives in a World where They Live by Their Own Rules , Their Own Laws and Creedence

They Live not by Books or Teachings , but by Their Own Understanding and are Guided from Within

Not by Psychic Astral Forces as The Ego is which is Reflected Through Others Thought Projections or Ego Boosting through Flattery of Ones Spiritual Achievements or Realisations

Or Vampires that Religions or Teachers give through Manifesting or Projecting Their Egos and Astral Energies into Each Other

A PAGAN does not Fear Death , Ego , Life , Karma , Rebirth or any of These Earth Perspectives , because each One is an Illusion in Itself

The Ego is Unending and The Desires are Unending , as Each One finds a New Way to Attach to Their Reality and Dream of the Success in of The Material World

The Word PAGAN conjures up to many Devil Worship , Witchcraft , Demoniac Religions , Cults , Sects , Torture , Sacrifice , Abuse , Death

Ritualistic Killing , Cannibalism and Anything which has Black Magic attached to it , Drinking Blood and Communicating to The Devil

A PAGAN in its True Sense of The Word simply means One who has No Religious Denomination of an Organised Nature

Or Man Made Nature and One who Understands The Laws of Nature in a Simple Natural Way

Without Man Made Teachings , Books , Beads , Mantras , Buildings laced with Gold or Places which have Hypocrisy Dripping from The Walls

A PAGAN is a Pilgrim a Person on a Lone Path Seeking Their Answers from Within and Without The Dualities and Aggravation

Of having to Listen to Another and Their Opinion of Ones Spiritual Path who in reality has no true material or spiritual realisation

A PAGAN is a Free Soul not Burdened with Guilt or Problems of Others , not made to Feel Scared of Being Alone

Not made to feel Worthless because of The Path They Lead which in some ways is Solitary and Alone

A PAGAN is One who Does Not Live on Energy which is Unnatural in The Sense of Stimulants , Foods or Forms of Stimulations of The Mind

Which do not Raise The Mind and Consciousness into a Higher Understanding to All it Sees

PAGANISM has always been seen in Modern Terms as Sacrificial Worship , Demoniac Rituals , Orgies and Depravity

Which in many ways Those who Comment this as a Means of PAGANISM are only expressing Their Own Base Nature of Their Own Wants and Desires

Which is Why Those of this Opinion End Up in Cults and Sects as They cannot get that kind of Enjoyment Living in Middle Class Suburbia

This Nature of Mentality and Action is Brought into Reality through The Progressions of Mars , Pluto and any Aspect to Those Planets

Which also has The Planet Venus Aspecting as well , but in a Conjunction or Challenging Aspect to The Physical Sexual Power of Mars and Pluto

Hence why Those in Cults Lead through Mars and Pluto Energies , but use Sex as a means of Control

As Those Planets use Their Base Natures and Manipulate The Venus Power to Gain Superior Sexual Power and Gratification

The Sexual Tendencies of Mars and Pluto Aspecting to Pisces and Neptune Leads The Sexual Power of Those Planets into Neptunian Waters which Reflect

Institutionalised Worship of God or in Negative Aspect into Cults and Sects of a Demoniac Nature with Neptunian Fetishes and Perversions

Which Uses Sex or The Power of That Energy to Keep Others in Control or by Blackmailing and Manipulating Them Emotionally

As Much as Cults and Sects Engage in this Nature in Various Forms depending on The God They Worship be that The One of The Heavens or of Earth and Below

The Nature of Man is to Destroy The Natural Beauty of Elemental Worship which is PAGANISM in One Sense of its Reflection of Spirituality of Respecting The Creation of Natural Beauty

And The Souls that Dwell within Each Aspect of Nature Living Through Their Karma in Whatever Life Form They Exist In

PAGANISM now is seen as Man Tying Maidens to Trees giving Them Sexual Initiations , Debauching Young Virgins Over Standing Stones and Drinking Their Blood ,Orgasm and Semen

Laying Crucifixes and Pentagrams on Virgins Bodies and Young Men and giving Them The Last Rites of Their Physical Ego

And giving Them The Power of The Earth Gods Nature which is Destruction to all that is Spiritual in its Highest Sense

This is how in The Age of Aquarius Man has seen The Term PAGANISM as a Means to Debauch Himself in The Name of God and The Devil

And Create This New Age Understanding of God which allows Him to bring His Physical Sexual Nature onto The Surface

And use it For The Benefit of His Higher Self which results in His Understanding being Destructive to all Forms of Pure Spirituality

The True Nature of a PAGAN is One who is Pure in Their Path and Understanding that Destruction to Nature or to The Creation of This Planet Results in Reactions called Karma

Which React Certain Energies on This Planet which are Natural Reactions which is The Planets Demigods Reacting to Mans Interference with The Natural Laws on This Planet

PAGANISM has now been brought onto The Surface as a Worship of Trees , Plants and Everything that is Natural

As Man gradually Sees through His Illusion of Demoniac Worship , he will see
that The Age of Aquarius has Reflected

An Ability to Reflect The Ancient Worship of The Gods and The Ability to Communicate Those Understandings

And This will Explain why Man during The Age of Pisces Destroyed The Pure Understanding of Paganism and Druidism

Due to His Need to Control The Spiritual Power of Man and The Planets Natural Energy and Reflection of Karma

Hence why Man over The Past 4000 yrs since The Arian Age of The Egyptians and Romans and The Pisces Age of The Romans and Christ , tried to Blame God for The Problems on Earth

Through Setting Up Institutions on Earth and Controlling The Peoples Natural Spiritual Ability through Brainwashing Them into Seeing God as a Human Form

And not through The Natural Elements and places of Thin Air such as Stone Circles and Brochs and Mountains

This Resulted in Man Creating The Famous Line ” You will End Up in Hell and Damnation if You do not Believe in Me as God ”

By Man blaming His Parishioners for Their Negative Actions , He could say God was Chastising Them and would Send Them to Hell if They did not Bow to The Law of God and the Preachers Wanton Desires

Of course if He had Understood The Planets Reflecting Karma then there would be no need to Blame God in that Sense

As Everything was a Karmic Reaction rather than The Almighty Chastising Them with Bolts of Lightening , Pitch Forks and Tridents

This is why The Age of Pisces Destroyed Mans Natural Grace Within Himself of Developing His Own Spirituality

As The Age of Pisces tried to Control The Spiritual Evolution of Man through setting up Houses of God

The Age of Aquarius being an Age of Planets and Constellations Reflects the Truth of Mans Karma through The Astrological Motions

Which Reflects that God only Exists in Mans Demigod Ego not in this Lord and Ghostly White Figure in The Heavens

There is a Spiritual World as there is a Hellish Plane , but The God Man Talks about is just His Higher Self

And if He wishes to Blame Anyone then He must look at Himself through His Own Karma firstly in Human Form , Secondly as a Demigod Nature

So Man now as The Age of Aquarius has given Him Planetary Understanding must now Begin to Look at Himself for the Cause of the Problems on Earth

Through the Centuries of Karma He has Created and not Blame God in that Old Pisces Age Nature

The Age of Aquarius has Uplifted Man to see His Higher Self and Lower Self in One Moment

Rather than Seeing Dualities as He did in The Pisces Age which Ended Seven Years Ago in 1999 at The Total Eclipse

The Aries Age was The Reflection of Physical Reality of Mans Creation and Destruction on Earth

The Pisces Age was The Reflection of The Spiritual and Emotional Creation and Destruction on Earth

The Aquarian Age Reflects The Mental and Verbal Creation and Destruction on Earth


The reason why PAGANISM and DRUIDISM was Destroyed and Nature Worship Outlawed

This was due to The Institutionalised Reflection of Pisces Religious Nature which brought The Houses of God into Practice and The Catholic Church

Which led to The Romans Destroying in Italy , Gaul and Britain The Natural Elemental Worship Known as PAGANISM and DRUIDISM

As well as getting Rid of The Celtic 16 Constellation Zodiac and Creating The 12 Constellation Zodiac on a Universal Level , so that The Roman Gods had Supreme Domination over Man and This Planet

The True Nature when One spells CATHOLIC is in anagram form which Reveals The Truth of this Religion ALCOHOL / IC

This will Explain why most Priests , Vicars and Clergy are Balding , Fat , Drunk Preachers who Destroy Their Own Soul and Consciousness through Drinking Alcohol in The Name of Christ in the form of His Blood

Is that not Demoniac to Drink a Crucified Mans Blood even in its Symbolic Form in the Form of 25% Proof Red Wine from a Local Vineyard or Supermarket

And does this Excuse The Fact that Man Tried to Kill Christ , so He could carry on His Ignorance without being told He will go to Hell for it

This is why CATHOLIC spells ALCOHOLIC , because They Allow Alcohol / Wine into Their House as a means of Purification at Mass through Drinking Christs Blood

And They call Getting Drunk at Midday in a Church Purification through Everyone Drinking Out of the Same Goblet and They call this Cleanliness

This is why PAGANISM and DRUIDISM as a Religion was Destroyed its True Nature of Elemental and Angelic Worship

Due to The Pisces Age Introducing Religions and Organised Manmade Religious Books which Supposedly Speak of Gods Wants for Man on Earth

Which if One see The Modern Bibles no longer are They The Word of Great Sages like Moses and Abraham

But are Written by King James as the Modern Text is Known as King James Version which is just a Few Hundred Years Old

As The Great Book speaks of Laws and Rules Man must adhere to , Then One can see The Hypocrisy of Religion

Through looking at The 10 Commandments that Religions Speak in Hypocritical Tongue by Telling Everyone They are in Hell and Damnation unless They Bow to The Law of God

Which only Reflects The Preachers Own Sheep Like Nature and Fear of God and His Own Loathing of That which He Adheres To

THOU SHALL NOT INTOXICATE = Rich when One considers The Priests , Deacons , Bishops and Clergy All Drink , Smoke and Abuse Their Position through Paedophilia , Child Abuse or Rape

THOU SHALL NOT COVET = Rich when One considers The Backstabbing , Lying and Manipulation that goes on Between The Churches and Their Heads of Church who are Vying for Position and Control on Bigger Levels Each Year

THOU SHALL NOT STEAL = Rich when One considers that The Catholic Church is Supported by The Mafia which Gains Money from Extortion and Blackmail , Drugs , Gunrunning , Laundering Money through The Churches Accountants and Banks

THOU SHALL NOT KILL = Rich when One considers in Eastern Religions Gurus and Lamas are Murdering Each Other and Disciples for Power and Control

Or to Cover Up Their Cheating , Lies , Stealing and Contradictions of Teaching or Material Affairs and Dealings

Or in Western Religions The Churches Advocate that Christ said Eating Flesh Foods of Animals was Sanctioned as long as One Did Not Eat it on The Friday , Sabbath or Any Other Holy Day

No Such Spiritual Laws Exist , These are Manmade to The Hilt to Suit His Own Ignorance

And in a Simple Understanding CHURCHES in its True Sense as They are The Richest Organised Religion in The World Simply Means



PAGANISM when One Sums Up this Simple Perfect Philosophy This Way of Life seems to be The Safest and Most Simply Understood Way of Life

This is Why The Philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism is in its Original Practice of Bon Thousands of Years Ago

Is the Nearest Religion or Philosophy to PAGANISM ,as it Reflects Compassion to The Planet Earth

And All Living Sources and Species , as well as Understanding the Karmic Reflections of Astrology and Astronomy

In Other Words Buddhism and PAGANISM do not Start Holy Wars , Crucify Their Avatar , Saints or Gods or Kill Their Physical Body or Ego before its Karma is Purified as a Means to Get Back to Godhead

For PAGANISM Harms No One , Takes Nothing from The Planet other than What One Needs and Gives Freedom of Mind and Soul and Does Not Abuse The Body

As it is a Simple Understanding that The Planet like Man , Lives and Breathes and Survives by The Elements Reflections of Karma and Natural Source of Growth through Sun , Rain , Wind and Snow

Anyone who says PAGANISM is Raping Innocent Virgins and Burning and Sacrificing Babies , Truly Reflects Their Own Personality and True Desire Within Them Self

To have Power Over Others through this Emotional Blackmail or Need of Playing God to Boost Their Own Ego and Physical Position on Earth Planet

So They can Rid Themselves of Their Own Karma and Childhood Reactions and Abuse

PAGANISM is Loving The Planet and Creating Peace and Not Destruction

Hence why PAGANISM spells

MAN IS AN AGA a Demon at Times and Commits SINS Against The Planet which Causes Others PAINS due to His MANI His Jealousy , Passion and Envy

AS MAN IS now Trying to Recycle His Destruction and Create a New World of Peace, MAN has had to become more Natural like a NAGA Yogi

Who is Guided by SANI / Saturn The Planet of Maturity and Refinement as well as Discipline

For He Wanders Naked Throughout The World and Lives on Graces from The Earth and Skyes Free from The SANGA of Community and People

The Gods of The Skyes like GANAPATHY or GANESH in The NAGA Yogi Type of PAGANS Removes Their Obsticales and gives Them Greater Intelligence

So They can truly become a Universal Mind Free of Religions and Hypocritical Teachings and Laws of This Planet

PAGANISM is The Truth of who Man really is a Universe of His Own Creation and a Mind which Seeks Freedom to Understand its Own True Self and Nature

That is why a PAGAN is seen as a Hippy , as They do not Rush , Panic or call Gods Name a Million Times a Day whilst being Hypocritical to that which They Worship

They Work through Karma and Obsticales in a Natural Way through Outgrowing and Becoming Self Realised through Seeking Within

Not Running around The Planet Claiming God Lives in Man Made Buildings , Mansions , Only Lives in India in Certain Places or can only be found on Certain Mountains

Or can only be Worshipped if One Bows at The Dirty Toenails of a Hypocritical Paedophile Guru or Lama or at The Dirty Shoes of a Church Going Murdering Priest

PAGANISM is for the Grown up Soul and Mind who Respects Themselves and not Others Opinions and Lives in Their Own Grace and Not Mans Haste

Live for Yourselves and Allow Intuition to Develop so One can See , Hear and Understand Ones Own Soul is God and Ones Own Mind is The Teacher

If One is a True Pagan and True to Their Own Spirituality , then They Remove that Obsticale of Attachment to External God Worship and Devote Their Time to Perfecting Them Self from Within

Not Following Ignorance due to an Ego which has Past Life Reflections of Sheep Mentality and Past Life Religious Conditioning to What is and Has always been just Worship of Ignorance of Seeing God as a Statue or a Building

God if that is the Right Word is Omniprescent and Omnisceient , meaning He / She is Universal in All Forms of Life in Atmospheric Winds , Rain , Sunshine , Snow

Meaning God can be Spoken to in The Heavenly Planets , On Earth , In The Lower Astral Planes and In The Hellish Planets , so why on Earth Planet does Man try to say God Exists only in a Dusty Brick Building

Why , it is called Wanting to be God and have Gods Power and Control which only a Demigod Ego can Manifest Anything Close to that Energy

This Leads to Ego and Ignorance Developing and Ignorance spells Ego , so Both then are Worshipped as One and the Same

PAGANISM Removes the Obsticale of Hierarchy as it Worships all that is Natural and Creative and not Manmade or Man Polluted or Man Manipulated

That is a PAGAN and PAGANISM

The Love of Oneself and Respect for The Creation and Planet One Lives On

Understand This and That is Freedom Meaning Freed Om = Freed Soul



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