a thought and a realisation


The Star of David is a combination of the Two Worlds which relate to the Heaven and Hell natures within Man as well as around Him

The Two Triangles are symbolic of the Two Trinities of Father , Son and Holy Ghost with the point of the Triangle pointing up to the Skye drawing White Light into ones Consciousness

The Second Trinity is symbolic of the Hellish Worlds of the Devil , Anti christ and False Prophet with its point of the Triangle pointing to the Earth and Hell drawing in Black Energy of the Physical Self

Naturally the 6 Points symbolise the 666 factor of the Devil , The Earth Planet which is ruled by the Number 6 as the 6th Constellation of the Zodiac Virgo rules this Planet

The Three 6s symbolise the 3 attempts that the 3 Forms of the Devil came in to conquer Man in his attempts to Liberate his Soul out of the Physicality of the Body , Mind and Emotional Bodies which encage the Soul and Consciousness

Within the Bible they say the Three 6s are the 3 attempts that the Devil had of conquering God and entering the Spirit World / Heaven

But as the Earth Planet is ruled by the 6th Constellation Virgo and the 3 Bodies of Earth that are born of the Ego which are the Physical Body , Mind and Emotion

This attempt at entering Heaven was the Devils way of liberating himself out of the 3 bodies of bondage he had trapped himself in on Earth or in the Material Universe


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