In todays age the term warlock is seen as a very powerful version of a male witch

If you look at the word warlock it contains the name which gives the impression of a person of a warlike nature, some one who has great power , some one who sees god through a means of action

Mars is the god or war , the god of action / karma

As is siva the indian god who reflects himself as the destroyer , the lord of karma and death , he is in one sense similar to pluto the planet of genocide , death and rebirth

Mars is like the physical __expression of the pluto nature, for it carrys the nature of physical action and war which reflects the pluto nature of destruction and rebirth

As mars is born through spring at the equinox in aries on march 20th , pluto gains power at samhain and bonfire night on the 28th october / 5th november

Thus the birth of the year aries and mars and the waning of the year scorpio / pluto symbolise the nature of these two warrior planets and constellations in their transits through out the year

This freeing the universe of the karma and dead atmosphere that man has created over the ages and previous years

Lock is in indian terms loca meaning planet , so war lock is equal to war loca

Even if some one does use martial arts in the physical sense , the real martial nature comes through the mind being the weapon rather than the body

One of a mind of action and the destroyer of karma , one who is a spiritual warrior who battles it out on the psychic astral realms of consciousness


As fairy spells air so naturally this shows where and why they are associated with heaven

Hence the story of the anagramed word fairies = I SE FAR IF I RAISE and RISE the AIR and the REI IS FAIR


The term fairy as above speaks of the angelic aspect of the fairies and pixies , but the fairy wand which the angelic ones carry is the light the connection to the heavens which sheds its light here on earth through the wave of the fairies graceful hands

The wand is a ray of light in reality which emanates through the body of the fairy from the soul and consciousness and connects to the heavens

This is why pictures of fairies always show the ray of light emanating stars and beams of light which are called quantum crystals which are healing lights which manifest from the heavenly planets above earth

The wand of a fairy is in the shape of a 5 pointed / element star and symbolises the power that comes from beyond the physical world of 4 elements which is

Fire / movement of body

Earth / the body

Air / mind / ego

Water / emotions

The fifth element is the breaking past of the physical ego and karma which reflects itself as ether / aura

Thus the light rays which reflect from the wand is the heavenly energies / quantum crystals which are beyond the 4 base energies / elements and is now emanating through the fifth element of ether

As the spiritual hours are 12 to 6 am , the term fairy wand reflects like this as an anagram

All the words in red are the words you can spell in fairy wand

I SE FAR IF I RAISE and RISE the AIR and the REI is FAIR which in the spiritual hours 12 to 6 am, the angelic ones come to perfection and reflect their purity through the wave of their WAND in the holy hours of DAWN


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