a poem of the meaning of birthcharts of past life , natal and progressions


Astrology is The Medium for this Planet Earth and Reflects Ones Karma

This Poem Reflects The Understanding of The Planets as They Progress through The Constellations

Which Evolves The Consciousness of a Person from Their Past Life Ego into The Mature Refined Individuial which The Subtle Forces of The Progressions Develop


Many Questions are Asked as to What is a Birth Chart
It Reflects The Past Life and Natal Karma Beginning a New Start
The Chart is a Picture of The Heavens in Picture Form
Of Where The Planets were Placed from Night to Morn

The Progressed Chart Reflects the Motion of The Stars in Front
Where One can now Develop a Mind which may Speak or Grunt
Depending whether One has Good Aspects which Reflect
The Venus Energies of Heaven that Devotion Collects

A Progressed Chart Reflects The Development of Mind and Soul
It is a Future Developing Energy Continuing The Past Life Roll
The Progressions Reflect The Consciousness Purifying Ones Past Life Karma
For The Planets in The Future are Refining and Maturing Ones Soulful Dharma

Astrology is a Reflection of Ones Karma of Lives Before
When One was a Warrior Fighting Battlefield Law
Or When One was Spiritually Teaching and Learning
When One had a Vision of The Lord a Mind Pure and Discerning

Astrology is a Subject which Reflects The Action and Influence of Constellation
Astronomy Reflects The Pattern of Constellation more of a Meditation
The Astro Log is The Star Book of The Akashic Record of Past Lives
And Reflects The Origins of Where Ones Ego and Soul Derives

The Planets and Constellations are The Answer to Mans Hand of Fate on Earth
Some Come as Incarnations and Others as Karmic Rebirths
Either Way The Planets and Constellations Influence The Body and Mind
Whether You use The Higher or Lower Natures Your Karma You will Find

In Simple Story The Planets are The Reflection of Mans Past and Future Life
And Travels through Pre Natal and to Progressions which are The Astral Knife
For The Future Placements Reflect The Mature Mind of The Soul
And Grow The Mind of Freedom which Purifys The Past Karmic Debt and Toll


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