Whatever you do in the material world to cleanse yourself leaves you still feeling unclean , but the sea salt , beach and fresh air is far greater than anything else

Walking past trees , lying under trees on earth or lying on grass on an east west ley line is another way of getting the aura and astral energies free of polluted energies of others ego

East west ley lines carry a greater concentration of energy which facing head to the east and feet to the west allows the natural energies of the soul / east to flow through the body / west which gives a greater freedom to the mind to let go of its western attachments to matter

Facing west gives greater focus and depth of mind , facing east gives more concentration and discipline with a sense of rigidity to achieve ones target and aim

Fir trees and pine trees are the best cleansers of the astral field and aura and if one sleeps under these trees if you are on the road or just out for a day in a forest

This cleanses and brings much peace to the mind and body as these trees are purer than any other tree

Reason being they grow in abundance in scotland and are the main source of wood and shelter in the kingdom of alba

As scotland is gods country from that perspective , so these venus trees bring peace , love and shelter to an individual who seeks cleansing or shelter from the humid earth world

The firs and pine trees are related to the air constellations of gemini , libra , aquarius , so are reflective of seeking beyond the earth

Holly trees which were once called holy trees are or were used in celtic highland times as groves of marriage and birthing / christening

The avenues of holly trees were used in purification rites and to walk through branches of holly trees was a great purification and cleanser to the astral field

The thing about the astral field and aura as it is an energy of its own and can expand and live and breathe by its own making

It also absorbs the astral energy of others to the point in those who have a much higher vibration it leaves you earthed and feeling wasted

You feel heavy and depressed especially when you set out in the morning and speak to people and within a few moments you feel wasted and heavy , bored is another expression

When you set out of a day and you feel high and the mind is full of plans , ambitions to achieve and the world is at the feet of the mind with unending opportunity of choices

And then you meet someone who either touches you physically and leaves you in the same moment or talks mundane chat and takes your high space

Those moments when you feel invincible on all levels is when you see the power of your own ego , and soul nature the effulgence of that energy field you have is the power of your own purity and ego

Another way of getting rid of that heavy karma of anothers ego when you are in town or feel earthed is find a public bathroom go into a cubicle and remove your outer layers of clothing just to remove the external energy field of others ego and aura

After living on the road for so long and having to live in public bathrooms to wash in , i always found that i was cleaner after using one and more detached to the outer world

Reason being was because it is a place where water flows and where the plutonian energies exist

Due to plug holes and toilet holes meaning all negative energies within and without were washed down the holes away from physical existence on the earth planet

I always noticed that if you had a moment in your day where you were out and about and heavy karmas were manifest around you

People , conversation , dustcarts and rubbish sewerage was around you in atmosphere your energy field and personal space is covered with filth

I always found sitting on a toilet with or without the seat up seemed to take away the negative energies

As the negative energies seemed to go down the toilet especially if you flushed , it would soak up all the energy in the atmosphere and flush that as well

So if you are out and you need to shake the dirt astrally away , find a public bathroom and cubicle take the outer layers away

Sit if you wish and flush the negatives away , or just wash in the sink basins after removing outer layers face , hands and neck

Put water or hands which are slightly wet over your head washing the crown chakra , forehead chakra , brow chakra and throat chakra so the crown chakra and back of head is cleansed of energy as will the hair be cleansed

You feel the difference immediately especially if you have had a day of heavy energy around you

The same goes for wetting the hands and just washing the aura gently as you surround the aura and astral body in a new energy

If one carries a small bottle of essential oil with them then this reflects the same principle of cleansing as this is pure energy so this again heals the energy field that has been destroyed

Another facet of this if you chew gum and you have had the heavy energies around you , throw that gum away otherwise you are chewing on the external energy of outside ego which is not nice

Because you see faces of whatever has been around you in your own astral field or in your mouth you feel a heavy energy , wash your mouth and chew a new stick

The mouth is communication of the earth planet and absorbs all sorts of earth energies through

Food , kissing , drinking , others breath you breathe in , smoking , talking , singing anothers songs

Some of these cleansing techniques may sound extreme , but when you have an energy field which gets dirty and feels heavy and you are out then this is the only way in town to keep clean

If you are on the beach then the energies are cleaner by nature , so sea salt destroys heavy karmas and brings peace of mind and calmness immediately to you as it is clean and pure as a mineral

The sea water is another matter of course

As a substitute in the home if you are not near a beach , then using salt like sea salt crystals is another way of cleansing the aura and astral field as the purity of this mineral cleanses regardless to where you are

Another way of cleansing in the home is a lack of electricity , this pollutes and drains the astral field and aura , as does central heating especially in the summer

It dehydrates and exhausts the chakras by drying you out physically

This is why in a bathroom when one showers or bathes either do so in darkness or a candle a single one as light

But again have ventilation so the astral energies around you have the chance to cleanse and purify and the body has a chance to breathe

As the warmth at night is humid , always put water bowls in the bedroom and the drawing room as this will absorb electricity and dust and moisturise the atmosphere add essential oils as well to give a richer purity

As we live in this age of aquarius so the heavenly powers that aquarius reflects inspires man to seek purity and cleanliness in many ways

Hence recycling , tree planting , mineral waters , vegetarianism in its many facets , sports etc

Health clubs , meditation retreats

All things which induce man to seek time out from his karmas of hard work or destruction of himself


As for ley lines when you walk in town the ley lines of aberdeen give either expansion ,restriction , strength of mind or strength of body or react emotions

This is something which i am writing on and will email when it crystalises itself

But walking alone is a great meditation and clears a lot of negative energies through not having another persons energy around you

For when you come away from the beach , you feel clean and light and not weighed down do you not

But as soon as someone touches you or traffic comes near you or you come into town you feel weighed down and restricted as your astral body and emotional field becomes heavy with outside energy and ego again

The same when you shower and brush your teeth , you feel clean and light

As soon as you get touched by someone or you step out of the bathroom and if you have children you tread on toys , books or childrens clothes etc , one picks up on their karma and energy and immediately you feel heavy again

It is the same when you eat food when you cook or prepare your own food you go into your mind and can feel higher in energy and vibration and consciousness

When you eat food cooked by someone else be that home food , processed food or shop food you feel your mind go cloudy , heavy and you feel tired or fall asleep soon after eating

Hence why people after lunch feel tired at work because they absorb too much energy at a time of day when the hours are earthy and meant for thought for 2 to 4 pm are libra venus hours

As well saturnian hours which gives a heavenly mind going in two directions which is libra , but the saturn hours are restrictive and earthy , hence why this time of day everyone just wants to sleep

So if any of this sounds familiar then begin to see the truth of life through how you feel when you are clean in the astral sense

And the same when you first wake up and lie still , notice your mind how at peace it is and silent you are , then as soon as you get touched or set food out of bed or talk

You can see the lower self come again to the surface and the darkness of life takes over and your peace of mind and the higher self is then pulled into reality of this world

Well for the moment that should have given you an insight into subtle energies and the sensitivity of the bodys emotional field

Enjoy the read




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  1. Isis

    Interesting. I have began to make astral journeys and found that my astral body is heavy and hard to control. I shall pick up on your advices for cleansing.

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