When one is a parent one will think that they are the ones which give the child its birth name , which in the genetic / sentimental sense the name has a link to the parents or generations before

As this does not reflect the higher mind of the child , the desire of that child will not want to be pulled into the karma of those people / generations from time before , particularly those souls who are born free of wedlock

To have the idea of naming the child a name which is more heavenly / alternative or natural is the beginning for a parent to be looking at their own soul and higher mind rather than looking at parents and generations for that answer

The naming of a child is a reflection of the childs past life nature , consciousness and soul journey of other lifetimes before

As much as in the modern sense maria may be spanish , in the higher mind this contains past lives of

India in the form of rama

Planets in the form of mars

Ancient persia in the form of aria

Norse / viking , scotland there is a place called ramasaig on the isle of skye

So as you can see the names have the reflection of the earth planet , the secrets inside of a childs name expresses the truth of who they really are and their true meaning to their destiny on earth planet

This is why a parent has to attune themselves to the child and the right name will come according to the childs

Physical sex

Conscious ego

Physical character

True destiny of soul

The consciousness which reflects itself the strongest in this life from the past life nature

Parents always try to influence the destiny and consciousness of a child through name education etc , but in this day and age of aquarius children are being born in universal constellations

This reflects that souls need of freedom from the lower self of conditioning to the past generational karma

Parents are the lower self of a child , they reflect the childs past life nature , attachments , sentiments , ego of material nature

Thus a child in most cases especially those of a northnode direct motion birth will rise to their true self and reach their higher self which is why they will not take notice of parental opinion and ego

This is why those children will change their name to a much more spiritual nature

This reflects their true personality which may reflect through the parental birth name in some ways , but does not give the child the choice to see him / herself as an individual as they are when their higher self gives them the name through intuition and personal guidance

This is why those children that grow up with parental names and are souls which are destined for a life of fame and come through this planet with their demigod energies still active

Will naturally find an earth name and family name non descriptive of who they are or what their destiny is

For example famous people who changed their earth name to a more demigod name

Earth name reg dwight / famous name elton john

Earth name georgious panyatiou / famous name george michael

Earth name bernard dury / famous name alvin stardust 70 s rocker

Earth name richard starkey / famous name ringo starr of the beatles

Earth name norma jean baker / famous name marilyn monroe

As you can see the earth name of an individual in most cases will not have the glamour of the intuitive name which comes through ones higher self

All souls which are destined to be materially famous on earth , in most cases will change their whole name or part of their name which can reflect a higher mind or a sense of their developing demigod ego such as ringo starr

Ringo is an abbreviation of richard , but also reflects the amount of rings that he used to wear as well containing the name hare , hari , hara and radha

This is the name of god and the holy mother in indian philosophy, as well as radha being krsnas female energy , which explains why ringo was in india in the 60s doing meditation and reading indian philosophy

Starr being a reflection of his higher demigod mind and the heavens

Key being that he had the key to heaven as in his consciousness which manifested as riches on earth as well as the ability to raise himself above the earth body conscious habits

Thus ringo starr is born

This is why most parents should allow the childs soul and their intuition to reflect the truth of the childs physical character or _______expression through allowing the childs soul to reflect the name

Otherwise right up to the point of birth they have a list of names which in the end will not be used

Whether the childs soul speaks now or in 9 months does not matter , but one thing a parent can be sure of the childs soul will reflect the true name of his / her

Past life origins and character

In relation to his destiny , consciousness , planetary nature in this life

Naturally if the child is destined to change the name from birth as he / she gets older then that will be part of his / her evolution spiritually such as freddie mercury the rock singer

Being that he was a singer and mercury is the god of communication , this name not only reflected the demigod nature and consciousness and ego of freddie

But also the planetary system and heavenly planet where he came from as a soul prior to his demigod earth birth here on earth

As much as he changed his name to suit his career , this name reflected him as a soul , mind and consciousness

A parent will hear many voices of the astral world and their own imagination over the few months of pregnancy , partly because they are carrying an ego ,soul , consciousness , a universe inside of them and not just their own karma

So the name will come naturally and one day they will have that light from heaven reveal in that flash of realisation and intuition the childs name

As everything on this planet is connected to the heavens and planets naturally each name on this planet has a reflection of god in some form when you anagram them





1 / MARILYN = RAM / rama indian god , MARS the planet of war , MARY christian holy mother , ARMY which reflects the warrior planet mars and clan MAR of aberdeen , NARAYAN god of the liberated souls in indian philosophy in the spiritual universes

2 / TOM = OM the indian name of the soul / god

3 / ALISON = SANI the indian name of the planet saturn which is the yogi planet
this is reflected in the demigod SIVA who is known as NATARAJ in hindu philosophy

ALISON also spells SAIL ON reflecting the higher minds detachment to material nature and the need of the soul to remain in motion and transit in this life

4 / RACHEL = HARE the indian name for god meaning supreme , CHELA meaning disciple

5 / MARGARET = RAMA the indian god , GRAM the spiritual path , MARG indian for the spiritual path , MARA the demoniac gods in buddhist philosophy

MAR clan of Aberdeen , MARS god of war , TARGE the shield of the highlanders of scotland

6 / TARA = TARA the name of the buddhist goddess of compassion

7 / SHARON = CHARON / CHIRON the name of the healing asteroid constellation

8 / CHRISTOPHER = CHRIST the name of christ , SPIRIT the holy ghost , RSI a holy saint , SRI the lord supreme

and in another way says to those who do not follow the spiritual path with this name that CHRIST is TO pher / FAR

if you anagram the feminine version CHRISTINE


IN I IS THE SHRINE of CHRIST HIS holy spirit which speaks like a RSI a holy saint of the wisdom of the lord SRI himself

9 / DAVID = AVI the jewish name for god

10 / DAVE = VEDA being the indian holy scriptures , DEVA being the indian / tibetan name for angel , AVE as in ave maria the christian holy mother

in anagram form this is how DAVID AND DAVE speaks

as DAVID is a universal mind and traveller he has become due to past lives , an AVID student of learning of other cultures

for the more he journied he saw that the hand of god or the hands of the holy mother AVE maria would lead him to those who had knowledge which originally came from the indian holy VEDA

naturally all holy books speak in the beginning of the creator gods of the material universe and adam and EVA and tell of how they did not listen to the DEVAS or angels

which is why they poisoned themselves through biting on the fruits that were poisoned , which in fact were the temptations of the mind and ego which leads one to destroy themselves physically and spiritually

thus david finds that the more he DIVEs into the soul and listens to the DEVAS and AVE the holy mother

his life becomes more free of the poison that killed EVA which leads him closer to AVI the eternal father of heaven

11 / CLAIRE = REI meaning light , CLEAR meaning transparent

hence why the name claire can translate as I am A CLEAR REI of LIGHT

12 / AUDREY = U ARE A RAY / REY of light each YEAR as an anagram

13 / KERRY = REY KE as in the healing technique REIKI , RYE meaning magic

the name in spiritual terms meaning MAGIC HEALER

14 / PATRICIA = TARA the buddhist goddess , TRI the holy trinity

15 / PHILIPPA = PALI the thai buddhist language

16 / HEATHER = HARE the indian name for god

in anagram capital letter form you can spell how one in life should see god at all times

EAT blessed food and HEAR THE name of god HARE

17 / ANGELICA = ANGEL meaning heavenly

in anagram capital letter form you can spell

I CAN CLEAN like the holy river the GANGES and live like A NAGA yogi and become an ANGEL once more

18 / KELLY = KELL this reflects the celtic scriptures of the ancient world the BOOK OF KELLS


in anagram form the name GORDON speaks like this

for GORDON to maintain his spirituality , he needed to open the DOOR to seek his spiritual ROD which is the soul and silver thread , rather than follow mans laws and end up like a DOG chained to hypocrisy

20 / SYLVIA = SIVA the indian yogi god

21- / MAUREEN = RAM in the form of rama the indian god , MARS in the form of the planet

in anagram form MAUREEN speaks like this

U ARE NEAR MARS AND RAM especially in the grampians the mountains of RAMA the home of the warrior clan MAR

22 / KEITH = HE , THE , KEI

in anagram form HE has THE KEI to his own destiny

23 / CEITH = HE the ego and I the soul , C / SEE , THrough THE illusion

ancient scottish version of keith

24 / SHEILA = SHEIL as in loch sheil in fort william , LHASA the capital of tibet

25 / DIANE = I , END , AND , DANE , NADI

the nadis are the psychic intuitive channels which serve the ears , nipples and places which have an excess of skin which are used in body piercing

the nadis are the mediums and channels through which one receives subtle or astral messages from the subtle consciousness within or through atmosphere

in anagram form this name tells a story when we live excessively materially

If I END NADI AND destroy the spiritual consciousness and psychic intuition through material indulgence and living in the physical senses what becomes of my evolution

or DIANE can spell

through intuition of the NADIS , DIANE was able to END her questioning of her past life wonderings through looking at her name AND seeing that she had viking / DANE origins which explains why she is living in the land of the picts , once viking warriors

26 / KIMBERLEY = BERYL a mineral which reflects in the amethyst stone , LEY the spiritual energy lines which link the stone circles and holy places together on this planet

BREEMIE the new age stone circle in aberdeenshire , REIKI the healing technique

in anagram form KIMBERLEY speaks like this

KIMBERLEY being a writer and publisher of new age holistic medicine and REIKI healing , walks her own LEY lines which have led on a journey through aberdeenshire to BREEMIE stone circle , where she saw rocks of crystal , lapis and the stone amethyst which comes from the mineral clan named BERYL

27 / LAURA = AURA the astral body which is made up of many sheaths of consciousness around the physical body

in anagram form LAURA speaks like this

U aRe An AURA a spiritual energy

28 / ROSA = SARO this being the sarosphere and star system above earth

29 / PAMELA = PAME the tibetan buddhist word for the perfection of perseverance and concentration , MELA in india it means the path of the pilgrim , LAMA meaning spiritual teacher one without superior , LAMP the light within ones self , LAME one who has or is surrounded by obsticales , MAP the story of ones life

in anagram form PAMELA speaks like this

in life PAMELA has had to break away from the LAME people and find her own way through the MAP of life , through using her inner LAMP of light to guide her through the obsticales in the physical and mental world

she has had to learn that if one walks their own MELA and finds their own path , then one becomes ones own LAMA and a solitary conqueror of the ego

this means one finds PAME the perfection of perseverance and concentration as the means through which to achieve ones liberation

30 / CHARLOTTE = HARE the indian name of god in his masculine form TAROT the supernatural form of divination through cards

31 / COLIN = LOCI the god of communication , NICOL the clan from the isle of skye

32 / DAMION = 1 , AM , AN , OM , A , NADI , DAMN , MAN , MAD, AND

in anagram form DAMION speaks like this

I AM AN OM / soul A NADI a channel and medium for the spirit to talk through about the DAMNation , MADness AND chaos MAN has created on earth

33 / ABRAHAM = BRAHMA the indian god of creation , RAMA the indian warrior king , MARA the tibetan buddhist guardian of death , HARA the indian female name of the holy mother , MARS god of war

34 / JANE = JAIN the indian religion and philosophy

35 / PETER = TEEPE the native american tents

36 / JONATHON = JONAH one of the biblical sages , NOAH the saviour of the animals

37 / ANDREA = NARADA an indian saint , ANDRA one of the states of southern india andhra pradesh

38 / ANDI = NADI the psychic intuitive channels , DANI meaning wealthy in indian

39 / SUSAN / SUE = SIOUX as in the native american origins


in anagram form SUSAN / SUE speaks like this

USE A NU SUN meaning conscious mind / ego

especially those who have been born on the cusp of two sun signs or do not attune to the progressed sun and still attach to the past life or natal sun consciousness

or SUSAN in anagram speaks like this

US AS A SUN make conscious ego decisions based on past life nature and what we see as an ego in this life , to SUS out what is real or illusion , so one does not make the same mistakes as they did in past life

40 / CATHERINE = HARE the indian name of god , HARI the indian name of god


in anagram form CATHERINE speaks like this

CATHERINE when she HEARs HER HEART she can see in THERE THE supersoul / holy ghost HARE , who is the lord supreme and HE whispers in HER EAR the truth of life

as CATHERINE is on THE EARTH planet , through sharing HER gospel from HER HEART she shines this REI of light through the guidance of HARI the lord supreme to all who will listen

41 / MALCOLM = OM the soul , LOCA the indian name for the heavenly planets , ALM the charity of those who walk spiritually , OLLAM the name in gaelic for healer / doctor

42 / MATILDA = TALA the indian name for the lower astral planets , MATA indian name for holy mother , LAMA buddhist spiritual teacher , MALA the buddhist beads for reciting mantra


in anagram form DELILAH speaks like this

DELILAH said HAIL to the destruction of samson , for I shall LEAD samson to HELL through cutting his hair , which has for many years LED samson to do many courageous acts which have benefitted ALL who he has helped and HEALED

44 / SAMSON = OM the soul , MASON one who creates his own path to god

45 / MELANIE = MELA the indian name for the pilgrims path , ANIMAL the survival instinct , MALA the buddhist mantra beads , NILE the holy egyptian river , LAMA the buddhist spiritual teacher and EMAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

46 / STEVAN , STEVEN , STEPHEN = all three names are viking in origin and contain the word TEN which reflects the 10 major planets sun to pluto and the 10 major rune stones

47 / DANIEL = NADI psychic intuitive channel I , LED . LEAD , A , LIED , AND , NAIL , LANDED , LANE , NILE , LEA

in anagram form DANIEL speaks like this

I LED the soul to god through listening through the NADI the inner winds of the soul which speak only of the voice of god

whereas others LEAD their soul through the voice of the world which reflects A NADI of ego and LIEs of what might be

this LED some people to crucify christ AND NAIL him to a cross , as an example to what the ego on earth does to man

after DANIEL LANDED on earth from the upper worlds , he fought as a warrior in the lions den against LEA the female lion and walked his own path and LANE , defending gods laws and living with the people on the banks of the euphrates and NILE

48 / CAROLINE = LOCA the name of the heavenly planets , NILE the holy river of egypt , REI meaning light , LEARN , I , CAN , NEAR , LOAN

in anagram form CAROLINE speaks like this

I CAN LEARN about the LOCAS above earth through being NEAR pure places such as the NILE and its flowing waters

where in ancient time sages used to gather and discuss the laws and sciences of god , where they would LOAN each other books and eye pieces to see the REI of light above earth and the LOCAS in the heavenly planets

49 / DOMINIKA / DOMINIC = OM meaning the soul , ODAN / ODIN the viking god of war

50 / JENNIFER / JENNIPHER = NEPHI one of the biblical sages , NEFER as in nefertiti the egyptian goddess

51 / DONNA = ODAN the viking god of war , NANDA this is the name of the cowherdsmen who looked after baby krsna in vrindavan , after his birth in mathura india

52 / RICHARD = HARI , the indian name for god , RADHA the female consort of krsna


as an anagram ELEANOR speaks like this

for ELEANOR to LEARN she had to be NEAR people who had REAL knowledge and wisdom that her mind and EAR could listen to and by LEANing on the higher mind to show the right path and LANE

this showed her that the physical aspects of life OR the ego of past life can lead you away from REAL knowledge into that which is unfamiliar or destructive to the higher mind

so to defend ones mind , one must become like LEA the female form of LEO the lion and lead ones rebellion as fierce as LEA did in her fight with daniel and ROAR at the enemy to win her freedom

54 / CHARLISE = HARI the lord supreme , HARE the lord , CHELA a disciple of god , SRI the lord supreme , RSI the holy saint , ARISE , RAISE , ARIES , REI being light

in anagram form CHARLISE speaks like this

CHARLISE had to ARISE HER self above the earth planet and became a CHELA A disciple of HARI the lord

by CHARLISE having to RAISE HERself into becoming a spiritual warrior like ARIES the warrior constellation , she met new people who shone REIs of light into her life and RSIs old sages and souls told her of the beauty of the heavens

which SRI the lord supreme showed through his heavenly planets which showed the gateway to the spirit world and HARE the lord supreme

55 / WALTER = REAL LAW meaning the spiritual laws of god , TEW in norse / viking understanding he was the god of natural law , war and king of the demigods , WAT being a holy place in thailand like the jungle temples that sit in the depths of forests

56 / WILHELMINA = LAW , HELL , MELA , ALM , IN , I , AM , AN , ILL , WELL , LEW which links to the vikings and the isle of lewis in the outer hebrides HILL , MEN , MAIN , LINE , WANE , MANI , HELM , NAME , MANE , MAIL

in anagram form WILHELMINA speaks like this AS A SPIRITUAL BEING

for WILMA her NAME never meant too much as it was to victorian and to earthy
WILMA was always a flamboyant person who sought to find god and understand the LAWs of nature

for IN WILMA says very much the path that WILMA finds easy , for when she asserts herself her name speaks her souls truth I AM the LAW

for in past lives WILMA was a disciple of god and walked the MELA the path of the pilgrim , where she lived on ALMs and reflected heaven and not HELL

as WILMA was developing a spiritual path she was becoming a MANI a touchstone of power , wisdom and healing which reflected to those who were ILL

as WILMA had this power and gift in past life which reflects in her name as I AM the LAW , so she was naturally a born leader which kept those she taught on a MAIN LINE to heaven


HAIL MEN said WILMA as a warrior many lifetimes ago

I AM the LAW , the leader of you as we stand on this HILL overlooking our enemy , we have sailed our ships across from the west and the east and we have seen from the HELM the lands of alba

all looks WELL in the night , but the moon is beginning to WANE in its light hours , so we must make fast our fight and flight

for we come with a letter a MAIL from LEW king of the western isles to say that he has won victory over this isle

he who is a warlike MAN with a long MANE of hair , who now proceeds towards you to seek his WINnings of an isle of ancient antiquity

57 / JASON = in greek JASON means the healer , but also you can see 5 months of the year in the form of

January = capricorn = india

April = aries = england

September = libra = usa

October = scorpio = liverpool / ireland

November = sagittarius = australia / new zealand

this explains why those of this name are very universal in consciousness

58 / JUSTINE = I USE JUST TEN planets to liberate myself out of the past karma which the SUN created in its desire mind of ego

59 / LOUISE = I SEe the SOUL

60 / ANNEMARIE = I AM NEAR MARs and RAMA and travelled through ARIA ancient persia many lifetimes ago

61 / RHONA = NOAH ON A stormy day became the saviour of the animals

62 / MATTHEW = TEW the viking god of natural law , WAT a holy shrine or temple in jungles in thailand

63 / ONAMI = I AM AN OM A soul and A MANI a creator and touchstone of power and wisdom

64 / STUART = TARA the buddhist goddess , SURA a demigod , a heavenly being

65 / KARA / KAREN = RAKA the moon goddess in indian astrology , NARAKA the underworld , ARK the saviour of the animals , NEAR , EAR , RAN

in anagram form KARA AND KAREN speak like this

the moon goddess RAKA had shone her light through the waters of earth and created storms and floods

one man named noah armed with a word from god in his EAR to save the animals , RAN and built an ARK which as the storms worsened and NEARly destroyed earth and washed everything and everyone into NARAKA or hell , the grace of god and the ARK saved the habitants of earth

66 / KATRINA / E = RAKA the moon goddess , NARAKA the underworld , RANI meaning heavenly , TRINE meaning trinity , TARA the buddhist goddess , KATRINE the macgregors loch in scotland

67 / SARA / SARAH , SERA = SARA the holy river in india which connects to the ganges the SARASWATI , RASA the eternal dance krsna had with the gopis the female devotees in the forests of vrindavan , HARA the holy mother of india , SERA tibetan buddhist monastary in tibet in the chang thang the tibetan plateau

68 / BRIAN = B RANI meaning be heavenly and RAIN your blessings upon this universe

69 / MARIAH = HARI the supreme lord , HARA the holy mother of india , RAMA the warrior king of india , MARA the demoniac gods of material energy / astral forces , ARIA ancient persia

in anagram form MARIAH speaks like this

I AM HARI the supersoul who is guided by the holy mother HARA to fight like RAMA the warrior king against the MARAs who are the demoniac energies of this planet be that in britain , india or in the lands of ancient persia called ARIA

70 / MARK = ARK as in the shelter noah built , KARMA as in the law of action / nature

71 / ALISTAIR = STAR the heavenly constellations , RASA LILA the eternal dance that krsna had in vrindavan forests , SARASWATI the holy river of india , STAIR the steps to heaven , AT , LAST , I

in anagram form ALISTAIR speaks like this

AT LAST I can STA A STAR and dance the RASA LILA the dance of the heavens which flows very easily like the holy river the SARASWATI through the foothills of the himalayas which eventually purify ones feet so they can walk the STAIR way to heaven

72 / DAWN = WAND the magical healer of the fairies who manifest their power in the DAWN hours 12 to 6 am

73 / ALEXANDRIA / ALEXANDRA = ANDRA the state in southern india andhra pradesh RANI meaning heavenly , ARIA ancient persia

NARADA a saint of india and demigod who travels through the astral universe from planet to planet , NARIAN the god of vaikunthaloka in the spiritual universe
ARIAN the warrior constellation , NILE the holy river near alexandria in egypt

in anagram form ALEXANDRIA AND ALEXANDRA speak like this

in past lives ALEXANDRIA AND ALEXANDRA were queens on this planet and in the RANI heavenly planets

they were so graced with blessings from god , that they met the
demigod NARADA who travels through the material universe blessing the souls from hell to heaven with godly music and wisdom

having travelled through the material universe and into the spirit world they met NARIAN the god of the liberated planets and souls beyond the brahmajyoti the light of near death experience , where he showed them the heavens and its beauty before they came to earth again

when they came to earth they travelled through ANDRA pradesh in southern india and met yogis and great sages of krsna and buddha in orissa

they travelled westwards to ancient ARIA in persia , where they met great teachers and sages of christ

they walked along the NILE the holy river in egypt until they reached the city which was to become ALEXANDRIA

74 / LINDA = NADI the psychic intuitive faculty

75 / LARAINE = RANI meaning heavenly , RAIN reflection of water and purity

in anagram form LARAINE speaks like this

I RAIN on earth energy of A RANI nature

76 / LORRAINE = RANI meaning heavenly , RAIN reflection of water and purity

77 / ROSAMUND = RAM the indian god rama , SARO the sarosphere and the constellations , MARS planet of war and action , MUNRO as in the mountains of scotland

SUN the planet reflecting te conscious ego , SAMSON the biblical hero, DAS servant of god , RAS servant of god in indian sanskrit , SOAR , URANUS the planet of rebellion and revolution

in anagram form ROSAMUND speaks like this

in past lives ROSAMUND came from the heavenly planets way above earth in the SARO sphere where she could see the planets and constellations such as the planets the SUN AND MARS

as her karma guided her to earth she had to assert her MARS nature and lead her own actions , as well as use her SUN nature and develop her ego in a spiritual way

so she could see life with intuition and hindsight and develop her warrior nature like lord RAMA

as she has had to develop a nature which is like SAMSON the biblical hero , this reflected her strength of mind and soul nature , as well as giving others a chance to feel the heavens

for she is like a MASON a solitary conqueror who finds her own way to the spirit world

as ROSAMUND has more of a heavenly nature , the mountains like the MUNROS in scotland are more a place for a spiritual being where peace can be found

where one as a DAS and RAS can see ones god without hinderance which leads one to rise their consciousness and SOAR above the material universe into the heavenly consciousness one had before birth

so that her heavenly nature which reflects through URANUS the planet of rebellion and revolution keeps her as an individual mind of realisation

ROSAMUND in simple language speaks U R A NU SOUL

78 / NATALIE = TALA the planets of the lower astral plane

79 / NAOMI = I AM AN OM A soul and a MANI a creator and touchstone of power and wisdom

80 / GRAHAM = RAMA the indian god , HARA the indian holy mother , MARG the spiritual path , GRAM the spiritual path , MARS the planet of war , MAR the aberdeen clan , GRAHA meaning the karmic planets

81 / GRAEME = RAM the indian god rama , MAR the aberdeen clan , RAE the clan who own eilean donan castle , MARG the spiritual path

81 / ADAM = this name means one born of the red earth which indicates the red planet mars which rules the body , blood , war

as ADAM has MA the first two letters of MARS this explains why the name means one of the red planet

82 / EVA / EVE = this name being the first created woman on earth contains the first two letters VE of VENUS the planet of femininity and heaven

hence why the name EVA can spell AVE the name of the holy mother

this is why the story of adam and eve being the first born

are symbolic of the first two physical male and female egos born through earth which reflected masculine / mars and feminine / venus

but also they reflect adam as the body of action / mars and eve as the consciousnes / venus through which purity or ignorance is born

hence why boooks today have the title MEN ARE FROM MARS / WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS

and as MARS spells RAM and SAM as in samson

this explains why men try to play god or leaders and opt for soldier , hero roles as lord rama was a warrior king and samson was a biblical hero /a liberated soul

from the female perspective

as VENUS spells SUN , so women today in the age of aquarius have had to assert their conscious ego and use the SUN nature rather than just their moon and venus energies

hence why EVE did not listen to adam / god as her masculine venus nature her conscious ego / the sun had asserted itself and she bit into the fruits / temptations / ego of material life

83 / MARCIN = MARS the planet of war , RAM the indian god rama , MAR the aberdeen clan

NIC meaning in scotland daughter of , MAC meaning in scotland son of , MARI the christian holy mother I , AM , A

in anagram form MARCIN speaks like this

I AM A warrior who was born through the planet MARS into the lands of scotland where I was many lifetimes a NIC a daughter of a warlike clan from the hills of alba where we fought alongside great warriors in defence of scotland

in another life i was a MAC a son of the clan MAR of aberdeenshire who fought in the name of god and the holy mother MARI for the liberty of scotland

after many lifetimes of astral travel and many births , god has revealed that the MAC and the NIC are now sons and daughters of god fighting as spiritual warriors for the soul , in the name of lord RAMA the indian warrior god who lives here in the gRAMpians of scotland

84 / RENATA = TARA the tibetan buddhist goddess , NEAR close to , TEN symbolic of the 10 major planets

in anagram form RENATA speaks like this

in past lives RENATA lived in india and tibet where she learnt much of the philosophy of krsna and buddha

as she was NEAR to perfection through perfecting each planetary karma of the TEN planets of physicality sun to pluto

this gave her a mind which reflected goodness and compassion like the goddess TARA

85 / FIONA = IONA the scottish isle in argyll , ION positive or negative energies in the atmosphere which reflect as positive when humidity , heatwaves and before rain , hence why they reflect fire and air energy which creates impatience , frustration anger

the negative ions reflect earth / water energy and show their energy after rain , storms monsoons , snow , full moon when the atmosphere has been cleansed over karmic vibration and electric static

this you notice in the spiritual hours 12 to 6 am ,when everything is peaceful and quiet

in anagram form FIONA speaks like this

IF AN ION is positive in its reflection it creates a far from peaceful mind , but AN ION which is negative reflects the peace and calm which one would find in the isle of IONA

86 / IZABELA = I , BALA meaning spiritual power , ALBA meaning ancient scotland , ABLE

in anagram form IZABELA speaks like this

I am ABLE to feel BALA spiritual power through living in the lands of ALBA a haven once of spirituality in ancient scotland

87 / SIMONE / SIMON = OM meaning the soul , IS , MINE , IN

in anagram form SIMONE / SIMON speak like this

the OM IS MINE IN this life

88 / NICHOLAS / NICOLA = NICOL the clan of the isle of skye , HOLI the christian celebration , SANI the indian name of the planet saturn , LOCA the name of the heavenly planets

89 / FRASER = SERA the tibetan buddhist monastary in tibet , RAS servant of god in indian

90 / KATE = EKA meaning one in sanskrit , AT , TAKE

in anagram form KATE speaks like this

as KATE seeks peace , if she looks within then she can find that in her name which reflects i am AT EKA with myself and i TAKE the time to find that peace

The above as you will have read is an example of how god in his many forms as demigods or planets is also in the names that one uses every day



Filed under Parasuram Uranianskye, Warrior of Light


  1. It’s always interesting to find out the meaning of a name…and relate it to the name owner’s personality.


  3. Truthful words, some truthful words dude. Thanx for makin my day.

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