B-girl Bench – Hip Hop Sessions for the ladies

B-Girl Bench is space for women to be empowered as leaders, mentors and artists who promote social change and increase the visibiltiy of women in Hip Hop.

B-Girl Bench is part of a larger, universal idea that supports transformative leadership of women in Hip Hop from the local to global perspective.


Create oppotunities for women to take the skills they learn in the workshop out into the community.
Attend events in the Pacific Northwest region that promote women in Hip Hop and bring women in from the collective women-centered spaces.
Provide internship and apprenticeship opprotunities for women to further their development of the Hip Hop elements.
Build networks of women in the community by creating a directory of women in Hip Hop as a resource platform.
Outsource the talents of the collective to mentor and educate the community at large.
Resources and Funding…
If you are able to make a contribution to B-Girl Bench, or would like more information for bookings, events, panels, or projects, please contact us at this time.

Contact: info@bgirlbench.com


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