An explanation of Stallone and Rambo as characters

The draft you are about to read is the explanation and meaning of who stallone is in relation to his characters rambo , rocky , judge dredd

As stallone plays a law giver and law breaker in many ways he is playing a spiritual warrior through the medium of a combat soldier ,

due to his actions having no selfish motivations or self interest other than to win a war that some else lost .


The character “rambo” or the name of this character gives stallone the opportunity to show himself and the world his own pastlife reflections of character.the name rambo in india means “gods warrior”

Due to the fact that “ram” is the incarnation warrior king” lord rama an incarnation of the hindu god krsna,”bo” naturally pushes one to the buddha in that the buddha gained his enlightenment under the “bodhi tree” in bodha gaya” in varanasi in india.

This naturally reflects a lot about stallones spiritual practices in pastlife and maybe present life in that in the rambo 2 and rambo 3 movies buddhas are depicted in the jungles of vietnam and the monastary that rambo 3 is using as “rambos” new vocation by helping them build a temple.

As rambo contains the word “OM” this means in india and tibet “god or the soul” , thus this confirms why rambo can survive torture “physically , mentally and emotionally” , due to his soul reflecting the power of god in the form of the “supersoul and holy ghost” .

Souls of rambos calibre are naturally liberated from the “genetic ego or physical ego” platform , hence why rambo was tortured “physically , mentally , emotionally” to break his attachment to physical life

So his soul could manifest as the guide for the “body and mind” and not the “conscious ego of genetic dna or body consciousness”

Hence why “rambo in first blood” at the end of the film in the “nothings over , justification of his actions speech” said in vietnam “back there i could fly gunships , drive tanks , i was in charge of million dollar equiptment , here there is nothing , i cant even hold a job parking / washing cars ”

Thus the “physical ,mental , emotional” tortures were to get rambo to see himself as a “soul , rather than the conditioned mind and ego” of the physical body of externally attaching to the physical success or luxury which rambo as a “green beret” saw in the midst of war and its physical destruction

Thus rambo being the last of an elite group of soldiers naturally has to save himself through having to let go of the physical attachments of western worldly success and attach to the soul and the freedom of internally surviving , rather than attaching to the external world as ones saviour

This is why rambos code of honour would be ” dying is far easier than living ” being that he had nothing to attach to externally , so dying for rambo is far easier as a warrior lives by their instincts and not by the conscious physical ego

Hence why in rambo 2 on the boat of the pirates that rambo and co hired to find the pow camp , co asked “how did you get into this ”

Rambo replies ” after nam , I went to america and found another war , a quiet war where ex nam soldiers were victimised for their actions in war ”

Co asks “why were you picked for the mission” , Rambo replies ” i am expendable” ,

Thus the ” dying is far easier than living ” philosophy is not just rambos mind or ego , but the mind of those who send him on those kind of missions.

the word “brahma is the name of the creator god of one of krsnas incarnations” , as the name rambo contains the four of the six letters of “brahma / bram”

Naturally as rambo is having to create a new life for himself from within himself , the “higher mind / soul” having to guide rambos body and physicality through the “physical tortures purifying past karmas” , guiding him to complete detachment of western attachment or thinking

Hence the mission in rambo 2 taking rambo to “thailand , vietnam and then to freedom”

Thus the “creator god brahma” being spelt in rambos name naturally shows the awakening of the “demigod and soul nature” of rambo and the true ego now being freed of “past karmas in consciousness”

This meant that rambo could see with clear vision the truth of life, hence why at the end of “rambo 2” he is free to walk away without attachment and the glory rescuing pows would have given him

Hence why in “rambo 3” the pentagon went in search of rambo , thus proving in one sense who powerful rambo is as a soldier , mind , soul , that they look for him now ,instead of rambo making constant phone calls to bragg for colonel trautman

In another sense due to rambo being expendable due to his physical detachment , this shows how easy rambo could be manipulated into action whenever they click their fingers or show pictures of “pows or children injured in land mines”

Emotional manipulation was used as a medium through which soldiers like rambo could be manipulated into action

Another way of seeing stallone as a demigod in reflection to his character rambo is through his link to the “Special Forces ”

For all “demigods when they come to the earth planet” they are treated with kid gloves or made to feel special , or their special gifts and skills are encouraged to the surface

Thus stallone being a demigod and his soul nature rambo having this “invincible mind and will power” naturally the “special forces” in the name reflects the demigod nature of those souls who were once “great yogis” in past lives now are warriors of a physical nature ,

But with the last residues of their “demigod nature and austere mind” in tact , the special forces of mans regimented army on earth naturally reflects the last of that yogic nature of tolerating heat , cold and austere conditions , due to the physical ego still being challenged in its attachment to physical life .

The true test for rambo was surviving as a soldier in a very material natured society , for the word soldier spells souled your / soul

For when you look at the word soldier it spells sol which is the sun which in astrological terms means the conscious ego , which is the mind of the body , where all desire for matter manifests from

Thus rambo while in america was shown truth and reality of his own lands and thus was given the truth that matter was the essence of life now , not war heroes , soldiers or truth and justice

Thus for that reason rambos final test was in hope when he gets arrested and then breaks free , thus this showed him that life in america was over

Hence why being a soldier carrys a test in itself do you become a soldier of matter or truth and liberty

Thus rambo was tested in that consciousness , hence the nothings over speech at the end of first blood , showing his soldier / soul would not break regardless to the situation or temptation.

Thus rambo being led away by colonel trautman was in rambos heart / mind the hand of god , the angels , a familiar face , an energy he could recognise , due to his understanding of seeing life from a soldiers perspective , as well as colonel trautman understanding rambos reason of destruction

As much as the “name “rambo” may have come from a “bag of apples” to write a character for the book by david morrell, the hand of divinity when refecting pastlife benedictions of spirituality ,particuarly in this “age of aquarius the age of eccentricity” the hand of divinity comes through in unpredictable ways.

In reality out of david morrells name you have four out of the five letters of “rambo” so naturally this reflecting his own pastlife links to india, tibet or southern asian countries.

Naturally in david morrells name “rama =ram, (as in krsnas incarnation warrior king)as well as veda which is the indian scriptures of krsnas pastimes on earth” as well as the name of the tibetan teachers in buddhism “lama”

The character “rambo” naturally from a pastlife perspective of stallones own personal character naturally mirrors itself into this life ,

Which is why stallones character roles are one man heroes for in his own personal psyche the rambo nature is still just as powerful as it was at a time when he would have been having to live the same way himself .

For the period of time “astrologically” for stallone as his ascending constellation during the “rocky 1 and 2 films and first blood movie”, was in the motion of “karmic refection of capricorn and saturn”,

Which naturally is the “ancient warrior” and in indian astrology this constellation and planet is known as the “yogi planet” which parallels with “siva the yogi”

Which if you look at the early period of stallones life from childhood through his early films and the nature of the films as they went into budget they were made on a shoestring and in austere conditions which was a test of endurance not just for the film character but also stallone himself ,

As his karma was reflecting austerity, discipline ,maturity, responsibility to oneself which rocky ,rambo 1 all reflect this desparate need of self preservation and self protection, which is what both those films indicate.

This reflects the saturnian and capricornian nature of beginning earth karma for both these constellations are born of the earth element which indicates basic and practical survival techniques

Which in both films this was strongly aspected as a reflection of having to live on a higher instinct of consciousness ,

As stallones personal karma was reflecting the earth qualities of living by instinct and the hunter mentality (rambo one)

This naturally built the inner strength of survival nature which stallone had to find within himself not just to play the film part ,

But to reflect his own personal inner strength of mind and body through the character he was playing which is only a mirror of his own pastlife natures and character ,so stallone was really playing himself.

Or at least bringing a facet of himself to the surface so that he could begin to one burn through old consciousness and karmic residues and secondly he could create a mind which had a greater confidence of who he is in this life.

The most important factor of seeing “john rambo , rocky , cobra , cliffhanger judge dredd” as all facets of stallones pastlife consciousness and character is by looking at his surname and breaking the name into three ,



Naturally if you look at the characters and consciousness of those austere warriors or states of mind that stallone reflects on screen

Naturally his surname naturally mirrors the higher mind and true nature of stallones consciousness as he reflects this individual who lives up to the surname that stallone has in this life.


Also the name spells “vest” which is all “rambo one” ended up in as he escaped the police station and also the “lester” which was one of the “first blood police characters” in the film ,on a more lighthearted note !

ones name speaks many a story of past and future consciousness and events.

The “first blood” film was made at a progression of “stallones karma” when hie had “earth constellations” aspecting his character

Which is as explained earlier why the austere nature of cold, no clothes, wearing wet clothes in “rambo one / first blood ” was such a strong feature as well as physical injury,

So this film was the character building and inner strength that stallone needed to build his own personal confidence to continue his development as a lone wolf character in order to mirror his name “SLY /HUNTER WARRIOR STALLONE / STA ALL ONE/ STA ALONE” in order to build his own mind and consciousness.

As the progression of “stallones” ascendant and karma astrologically went into”aquarius” this being an “air” constellation naturally brought a new “rambo 2″to the surface

Which naturally had a sunnier warmer climate, had reflections of the eccentric nature of “aquarius” with “buddhas” appearing in front of “rambo” in the jungle reflecting stallones pastlife spiritual consciousness ,

Being filmed in a supposed south asian country as in vietnam, another reflection to stallones pastlife wanderings, the soldier who looked over stallones file in the base hanger in the beginning and spoke of his medals ,and origins, as in “INDIAN / GERMAN” descent

This naturally reflecting either” india indian or native american indian” either way india reflects through stallonees pastlife link to “the buddhas in the film , and the name rambo as in ram / lord rama , and the country vietnam” .

The native american aspect linking to some aspect of one of stallones past life regressions which was made public, but again the warrior aspect coming through either way coupled with the spiritual aspect in the form of the “buddhas and the monastary” which was aspected in “rambo 2 and 3”

So the “aquarian karma of stallone” in these two films naturally brought the “air mind of aquarius” to the surface as in “helicopters ,weapons, gun ships”which naturally expressed the science and technology of the “aquarian mind”

Which was reflected through stallones karma in his progression of his ascendant as well as his “sun constellation” which was in “leo” which is the physical __________expression of its higher mind aquarius”

As both of these are “fixed constellations” naturally this explains why when you look at the consciousness of “rambo” he has this one track dimension of achieving his goals and objectives.

Also another aspect of seeing the “eccentric nature” of stallones karma through his progressed ascendant was the “necklace” that he wore in the film after the vietnamese freedom fighter girl was shot at the river,

This showed the supernatural and heavenly aspect of “aquarius air mind” being expressed for stones and crystals are planets which have exploded their karma / lifespan and natural atoms particles /meteorites come to earth eventually ,

This is why the jade necklace “rambo” adopts is a piece of the heavens which mirrors the “aquarian nature of higher thinking ”

Another aspect of “stallones name mirroring the lone wolf” was as the vietnamese girl in “rambo 2” asked him to take her to america his detached reply of “yes” reflected the “physically and emotionally” detached nature of “aquarius” and as she gets killed a moment later,

This again indicating how “stallone / rambo” as characters seem to have a karma of being individual in their standing and “staying alone /stallone” as a mind and consciousness

For “spiritual warriors rambo =gods warrior” are lone wolfs which is the call sign “rambo uses in the interrogation by the russians” “lone wolf calling wolf den” again the “aquarian nature” reflecting this very independant invincible mind and character.

Also the packaging company of the videos were called “universal” which mirrors the age we are in as well as the “stallone aquarian karma”

So this explains “stallone and rambo” as characters ,but explains them as a mind consciousness and pastlife character which has carried that karma as a warrior into the present and future.

All the films that “stallone” made in the eighties all had that flamboyant air of “aquarian uranian” energy

For in “cobra” one of the bad guys he is after says in one line “this is the way of the new world” which symbolises “the aquarian karma” of stallone as well as the rising of the “aquarian age”

Also in “rocky four” the whole film was based on the “now super rich and able to buy all the gadgets balboa” which mirrors his own personal aquarian karma due to the gadgets and scientific structure of the film ,

With toys electrically for his child, the music of theme coupled with the superfast cars, the glossiness of colour the film radiated,

The universal anthem of trying to unite the world or russia and america at the end of “rocky four” which as much as this was a script ,

The “stallone aquarian karma” reflecting out a spiritual message through the script of a film which is the true “aquarian mind” of humanitarian concern.

Also the name “rocky” again mirrors the “fixed mind of stallones progressed sun in leo and aquarian ascendant” which have a one track train of thought due to the fixed karmic reflection.

The name “balboa” reflects the word “bala which in india means spiritual power” the word “bo” which naturally links to “rambo” but also the name of “buddhas place of enlightenment “bo dha gaya in india” and the ancient name of “scotland which is alba”

Which is the home of the celtic warriors such as the character “william wallace aka braveheart” .

So stallone reflecting the “warrior nature” through his screen actions through two personalities of similar nature.

Interestingly , stallones film agent is “william morris” which william being related to scotland through “wallace and morris being a sept name of the clan name morrison” from stornoway in the western isles of scotland

Another facet of stallones scottish past life nature being shown in his films is the birthplace of rambo being in bowie arizona

Bowie is a scottish clan name in the highlands of scotland , bowie is a sept name of the clan grant who originate from the north east of scotland near grantown on spey in morayshire , as well as on loch ness near inverness on the west coast of scotland at the castle urquhart

As bowie is a clan name as well as being the name of the rambo knife or maker of that knife , this reflects very much the highland warrior in stallones own past life nature

Another connection to stallones scottish consciousness is in rocky 5 with the young boxer he trains tommy” the machine ” gunn

The name gunn is a clan name from north east scotland near wick in caithness and this like most of the highland clans north of inverness were extremely powerful clans due to the amount of land they owned , due to this part of the highlands being barren and desolate of people and villages

Naturally the name gunn links stallone to the rambo warrior as as a gun is one of rambos weapons , hence the young rocky 5 boxer being called tommy “the machine” gunn

Thus another link to stallones past life warrior nature as a scottish highlander

Naturally in another way of seeing “stallones nature of universatility” was through his “aquarian nature giving him that ability of truly being at that period of progression of his karma the universal warrior”

Which is why he would at the end of “rocky four and rambo 2 and 3 ” he would give this “spiritual message” of humanitarian concern which was the reflection of his own personal need to speak peace to the world and not just through his physical action.

Another facet of “stallones demigod , heavenly nature expressing itself is through the film ” paradise alley ”

Para in india means supreme , heavenly , beyond material perspective ,

Dise means the hand that one lives by as in dice , meaning that the six faces of the dice read like this

1 = the conscious ego , the sun

2 = the soul , the moon

3 = the 3 holy trinitys

krsna , buddha , jesus as the 3 major avatars on earth over the past 6000 yrs

brahma , vishnu , siva the creator , maintainer , annihalator of the material universe in indian philosophy

buddha , dharma , sanga , the lord , his teachings , his disciples

father , son and the holy ghost of christian celtic philosophy

4 = the four elements fire , earth , air , water

5 = the five elements fire , earth air , water , ether

6 = the planet earth , the warrior of material universal energy

The meaning of “alley means the path of god” , the heavenly walk out of earth consciousness

Para the supreme heavenly hand that one lives by dise, leads one out of the earth planet to walk the alley to enlightenment and freedom

For in alley can be spelt ley meaning paths of spiritual energy as in ley lines

Which are the earth natural energies which link planetary energies through this planet to holy places or holy chakras

Such as “christs birthplace or stone circles” etc or lourdes in france one of the places christ walked through , hence the name lourdes / lords

So “paradise alley” speaks of stallones link to india again through the name or word “para which is the first part of parasuram the warrior incarnation of the god krsna”

Thus “stallones indian and buddhist link” show in many ways through his films and characters of rambo , rocky , paradise alley , cobra , judge dredd

The indian connection for “stallone in cobra” is in the name marion cobretti

“Marion spells ram as in lord rama” one of krsnas incarnations as mentioned above in rambos description ,

As well as the “planet mars the warrior planet of action” and the “clan mar of aberdeenshire in scotland” which again reflects stallones past life link to scotland

“Cobretti or cobra” is the snakes or serpents who are the protectors of lord krsna called ananta sesa in indian scriptures

Stallone due to”past life spiritual karma” was able to reflect the power of krsna who was also a warrior 6000 yrs ago ,

Through the “character rambo” , stallone was able to reflect his “true ego and soul nature” , as well as reflect in subtle ways the “power of god , krsna , buddha , christ” in many facets and subtle projections

As this name also contains the “planet mars” which is the “warrior god planet” in the earth planetary system ,

Naturally this reflects the true nature of “stallones / rocky /rambos” consciousness throughout this period of karmic reflection .

May this give you a clearer understanding of stallone as a personality, character and consciousness .

May this also show you how the pastlife consciousness of an individual has the ability to express itself into the present and future

This continuity is more seen through fixed karma constellations which are “taurus ,leo ,scorpio, aquarius” which continue all karmas from pastlife into presentlife.

May this also give you a chance to see how the hand of divinity works in their own subtle ways to keep the spiritual karma alive not just individually but collectively as a whole for the universe.


The new film rambo 4 will bring stallone out into his own self once again and allow his true soul nature and ego to reflect itself

When you are a demigod to have a character like rambo within you at times this shows the need to bring it out and allow him to flex himself .

The rambo 4 film will bring stallone into the modern world and this will give him a new challenge in that as much as the aquarian age gives technology when the war needs heroes and not machines and computers

Then rambo supercedes all technology with the one man action of blood and guts and supreme intuition and courage ,

So rambo in this film will be in amongst his own people who still cannot support him with all the technology , so the barechest and knife are on show once again


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