Right all you mad, bad and dangerous bagatuelles of wonderment. Listen up. It is your space captain Sagar calling, check in, check oot, and shape up! Skyefest 2008 is fast approaching, and as winter warmer spring welcoming shape offs go, it is going to be second to NONE! The Isle of Skye, a place of beauty, of tranquility and of wonder. Well, until the 1st of March anyway.

To paraphrase a well known film…”Uig, today, a paradise in the Western isles….tomorrow a wasteland!”
And who will be doing this shocking thing, this cardinal sin? That is the laying to waste of this place of preternatural beauty, this so-called paradise island? YOU! That’s the answer you were looking for wasn’t it? Time to get yourself the monday off, get your place in a motor secured and get the tennents lager stockpiled as high and wide as, well, just ask me on the night, i wouldn’t like to cause offence., just take it from me, that is high as fak and wide as fak. Alright? 
The setting for this modern day woodstock is as below:
Selected Large Image
the view is, as they say, spectacular.Around the corner, the near lunar landcsapes of the Quiraing, the old man of storr soaring above you, and the waters cascading out to sea.
The decks are being hired, as we speak. The strobes are being produced in a Chinese military secret underground bunker,  a testing ground for savage “modern warfare techniques” as endorsed by the people’s republic. The speaker cones are being cast from the molten souls of norwegian death metallers in the bowels of the earth, in Bolgia 5 of Danté’s 8th circle of hell. Yes, you have guessed it. Skyefest is going to be BIG.
But do not fear, this isn’t some kind of savage monument to evil, but an angelic, blue sky, beauty, the gateway to the outer hebrides has never seen a party like it, nor, if I get my way, will it see one like this again. The die has been cast though, and the beats are going to be big. We’ve paid our dues, so the sun is going to shine, the sea will be blue and the people will be the best of the best. Some might not be able to make it, but those who can, will, becase it is going to be a weekend to remember.
Updates will be forthcoming on a regular basis; dj’s, dress codes and three course meals. Oh, and start stockpiling the eugene levvy, make sure your nigel tranter is well up to date, up to your eyeballs and up and over the call of duty and sign up for a tour to remember.
So, what’s the deal? Well, hiring out a whole hostel for this shape aff, means that there’s a small fee. It’s £30 for two nights, the 1st and the 2nd of March, while one night in this spectacular haven will set you back a mere twenty quid.

Contact Space Captain Sagar……………..

To believe in something and not live it, is dishonest.- Mahatma Gandhi


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