Paul Burrell remembered as a Bloody ARSE

Paul Burrell who has profiteered from the death of Princess Diana more than anyone else.  He has made himself a celebrity in the UK and the US.  He even blamed the boys in one press article of saying her sons did not defend her when she was alive.  Can this little worm get any lower?  Well obviously he can.  Telling lies in court, swearing an oath on the bible, and taking his 20 pieces of Silver.  Now he runs off to the Staes where there is no court jurisdiction.  Hey George the Middle East Peace process wont be fixed by November, so finish off your White House career with a bang and send this wee squirt back here to face the MUSIC, out to one of your Pacific Torture Islands or at least stick him in some stocks outside the White House and let everyone throw rotten tomatoes at him.  Paul Burrell you will be remembered as a Bloody ARSE.  

Burrell refuses to return to court to answer perjury allegations  

Paul Burrell, the former butler of Diana, Princess of Wales, has refused to return to the inquest into the princess’s death to face questions about whether he perjured himself when he last gave evidence at the court.

Last month an undercover reporter recorded Burrell saying he had lied under oath when he appeared at the inquest in January by withholding information and throwing in “a few red herrings”.

His solicitors insisted he had not perjured himself, but was a victim of entrapment by the Sun newspaper because he had “been drinking all evening, was tired and depressed” when it was shot in New York.

In the video he tells a friend: “I was very naughty and I made a couple of red herrings and I know I couldn’t help doing it. I know you shouldn’t play with justice and I know it’s illegal and I realise how serious it is.”

Following the newspaper revelations, coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker asked the butler to return to court to explain the discrepancies between his evidence and his conversation with the undercover reporter. He was offered the choice of appearing in person or via a videolink.

Today Lord Justice Scott Baker told the inquest jury Burrell had refused to return from his home in Florida and that he did not have the power to compel him to appear.

The coroner said he would read a statement from Burrell to give the jury as complete a picture as possible. Any investigation in to whether Burrell lied under oath would have to be investigated by the police as it does not fall under the coroner’s remit.


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