March events For Covert Skate shop and DJ MOT

Covert skate shop has secured the viewing of UNDERSKATEMENT sponsored by ADIDAS. UNDERSKATEMENT is a group of short films done by skateboards that is touring the world. It is a FREE event. We can thank The Club at FIRESTONE for letting us use there venue for the event. We will be watching the film on there big screen. Doors are at 8pm Films start at 8:30pm. After the films make sure you hang around for Saturday/Thursday. Who knows I might even get to play a sneaky little DJ set!!! ( remember this is a free event )

MARCH 21st @ SKY 60
Ummm the Flyer says it all, OH NO MOTZILLA!!!!
(Hey, that sounds like the password to get in free now doesn’t it)
OK so its another FREE PARTY brought to you buy the boys at COVERT SAKTE SHOP and BETA retail and baby gallery….I will have a community bottle of Jager!!!! How much easier could it be?


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