Hinduism – The Goals of LIFE

The goals of life

Classical Hindu thought accepts two main life-long dharmas: Grihastha Dharma and Sannyasin Dharma.

The Grihastha Dharma recognize four goals known as the puruṣhārthas. They are:

  1. kāma: Sensual pleasure and enjoyment
  2. Artha: Material prosperity and success
  3. Dharma: Correct action, in accordance with one’s particular duty and scriptural laws
  4. Moksha: Liberation from the cycle of samsara

Among these, dharma and moksha play a special role: dharma must dominate an individual’s pursuit of kama and artha while seeing moksha, at the horizon.

The Sannyasin Dharma recognizes, but renounces Kama, Artha and Dharma, focusing entirely on Moksha.


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