Mahatma Gandhi’s first principle – Truth is God

Gandhi dedicated his life to the wider purpose of discovering truth, or Satya. He tried to achieve this by learning from his own mistakes and conducting experiments on himself. He called his autobiography The Story of My Experiments with Truth.

Gandhi stated that the most important battle to fight was overcoming his own demons, fears, and insecurities. Gandhi summarized his beliefs first when he said “God is Truth”. He would later change this statement to “Truth is God”. Thus, Satya (Truth) in Gandhi’s philosophy is “God”.


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One response to “Mahatma Gandhi’s first principle – Truth is God

  1. Frank Goodman, Sr.

    I, too, went through the exercise to discover truth. Truth is. There is no predicate object or other qualifier. Truth is not what one believes or what can be demonstrated, but the transcendental essential to all that is true. Surprisingly to me, I discovered that in the truth of not true. Not only is all that is true a universal that allows no particular, but all that is not true is also a universal that allows no particular. Thus there is nothing the is true that is not true and nothing that is not true that is true. All that is true and all that is not true are true. That is the meaning of God. Matters of fact are either true or not true, but facts are all true. In a hierarchy of truth, at the bottom are matters of fact that are true, and matters of fact that are not true. Both are ruled by Truth. Facts that are true and matters of fact that are not true, are both possible, true. Thus a matter of fact not true could be true, or not true. So possibility is necessary for any matter of fact, but existence, or a true event possible are not necessary. A unicorn does not exist, yet the essence of a unicorn is a possible true being in fact. Thus the form of unicorn exists by operation of Truth, but does not exist in form as a matter of fact. Many things possible have never been and some will never be, but many things and events possible are yet to be. Truth rules that the impossible can never be. I can say that a square circle or a round square exists, yet I cannot believe that a square circle or a round square are possible, or exist.

    Next, Truth requires itself, for it must be true that there is Truth. If there were nothing but Truth, as in the moment before creation, it would be true that there were nothing but Truth. Thus Truth but nothing else. This is subjunctive to reality and it needs never be true that there was ever was a time or condition such that nothing but Truth exists. Logically, it is absolutely true. If another Truth exists, if requires First Truth. If anything else other than Truth exists, it must be true, thus requires Truth. But Truth does nor require anything else but Itself.

    That is the essence of the meaning of God and the attributes of God. I and others have said that Truth is God.

    If a god exist that is not Truth, then it must be true that a god exists that is not Truth. Thus any god not truth requires Truth, who is The God. And if there is no God (god) it must be true that there is no God (god). Thus whether God exists or not requires Truth. But if Truth is God, only Truth is required that may be called God as another name. The true God by any other name would still be Truth for only Truth is required and all facts, events, conditions, and non-being require Truth. No concept of any real being, not Truth, can be held by reason to be not true. And since Truth rules what is and what is not, Truth is the ultimate essential being and is transcendental to all that is true. Thus God, the Creator, is greater than all creation, or anything created. Most concepts of God are man made concepts, thus created. The only ultimate concept created by God is Truth. Just as I can say that there is such a thing as a square circle, I can say that there is no Truth. But, I cannot believe that there is no Truth, for if there were no Truth, that would require Truth, if true, and it would require Truth, if not true. So if God is not Truth, a God who is not Truth is not required. Any God who is not Truth would require Truth whether true or not. A God separate from Truth is not possible. Thus there is only one God, Truth. Allah is called Al Haqq (Truth) in the Qur’an. Many religious texts say that God is Truth. If God is Truth, Truth is God. Anything that can be said about Truth or about God, must be either true or not true. Either way, Truth is required. So God is the required Being of Truth. All else is myth and superstition. It is true that all that is true is true, and it is true that all that is not true is not true. Both true and not true require the Being of Truth. All matters of fact must be possible but may be true or not true. All facts are true, but matters of fact only possible, may not be true. No unicorns, and the sun will rise tomorrow, if true, but will not rise tomorrow if not true. There never was and will never be a round square of a square circle. And it will never be true that 2 + 2 is 5 or is not 4. Faith, my friend, Faith! Faith in Truth, the True God.

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