Sermons of Prophet Muhammed: Sermon Two: Your Companion in the Grave

Qais ibn ‘Asim said: I came to the Prophet with a delegation of Bani Tamim. He said to me, ‘Bathe with water and leaves of the lotus tree.’ I did what he ordered me and returned to him, and I said, ‘Admonish us with an admonition from which we can benefit.’ He said:

O Qais! Indeed, there is humiliation with celebrity.
And there is death with life.
And there is Hereafter with this worldly life.
And for everything there is reckoning.
And there is a guardian over everything.
And there is a reward for every good deed.
And there is a punishment for every bad deed.
And there is an end for each life.

Qais! You must have a companion which will be buried with you while it is alive, and you will be buried with it while you are dead. If it is an honorable one it will honor you and stick to you, and if it is a base one it will shame you and hand you over; then it will not be resurrected except with you, and you will not be resurrected except with it, and you will not be asked except about it. Therefore, make it good and do not relax except with it. And if it is evil, stay away from it. It is not other than your deed.

Note: The leaves of the lotus tree were used for cleansing like soap.

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