Sermons of Prophet Muhammed: Sermon Three – Be Ready

Abu Darda said that the Messenger of Allah addressed us on a Friday saying:

O people! Repent before you die. And embark upon good deeds before you become occupied. And connect what is between you and your Lord by remembering Him all the time and, indeed, you will be happy. Give much sadaqah (charity) so you will be endowed by Allah. And bid good to others so you protect yourselves, and forbid evil unto others so you will be victorious.

O people! The smartest among you is the one who remembers death the most, and the wisest among you is the one who is best ready for it.

Indeed, among the signs of wisdom are shunning the falsehood of this life, turning toward eternal life, being fully equipped to live in the grave, and being ready for the resurrection.


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