Whatever happened to John Rambo joining the Taliban?

With the current problems and war atrocities in Georgia with the Russian Based Militia destroying a number of Villages is it not a time we can call back in John Rambo. The Vietnam Vet who always finds a war whether he is looking for it or not. I must say i do love the acting by Mr Stallone and he always seems to hit the right chord. John Rambo in First Blood is a classic how a Vietnam Vet has been discarded by an American Population for just fighting a war that made no sense and all he wanted to do was get some breakfast in a sleepy town. Rambo second blood and he returned to Vietnam to save some soldiers and kick some ass that needed to finish a war, but with out a doubt the most controversial was Rambo III, where John is off to Afghanistan and joining up with the Taliban to fight the Soviet Army and rescue his old Commanding Officer.

Excert from the film

John Rambo is sitting in a semi-circle with the leaders of the Mujahadeen—those same individuals who would later form the American-and-Woman-loving Taliban. As the dramatic music sinks in, Masoud, the spokesperson for the Mujahadeen, describes the plight of his people at the hands of their Commie oppressors emotionally, forcefully:

MASOUD: My name is Masoud. You must not judge us before you understand why we are not ready to help. Most Afghan people are very strong and we are determined not to be driven from our land. Our children die from disease, mines, and poison gas, and the women are raped and killed. Last year in the next valley over, 6000 Afghans were killed. Pregnant women were captured as bandits, and their children were thrown into the fires. This is done so that they will not have to fight the next generation of Afghans, but nobody says anything or reads anything about it in the papers. But what you see here are the Mujahadeen soldiers, the Holy Warriors. This is a Holy War, but there is no true death for the Mujahadeen, because we have taken our last rights and consider ourselves dead already. This death for our land and God is enormous. So, my friend, what you must do is stop this killing of our women and children. If getting this man free so he can return to the free world and say what happens here, of course we will help. Leave us now so we may speak among us and find the best way to free this man.

RAMBO (holding back tears): Thank you.

The rest is history. Strange how quickly times can change, especially in the movie business and WAR???????



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