Life, God and Tony Blair

Life is beautiful…..

Life is Great…..

It may only be at the end when you fully understand …… Why you were here?

I was once told that the second you are born your whole life flashes in front of your eyes.  Through out your life you have moments of Deja Vu.  It is because you have seen your entire life at the point of birth.

At the moment of your death, it once again flashes before your eyes.


Then what do you have? 

What have you accomplished? 

 Was all the stressing about little things worth it?

Where do you go?

Does anyone really know?

Tony Blair is no longer willing to hide his religious beliefs.  I would say this is a good thing.  He thinks the world leaders should become more godly, even if they dont believe in God.  

Ive got to say that is some good advice.  My studies about religion so far in all the previous posts all have the one underlying factor.

‘Love thy Brother’

‘Be good to they fellow man’

Tony keep preaching brother.  I think your now on the right track. You might just be the man who can bring peace to the Middle East.


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