Dealing with the Temper of life?

Why is it you act in a certain way? What is the reason behind getting upset with a situation when it won’t make any difference? Life is meant to test your resolve, and your life allows you to modify your behaviour to become more adaptable to the situation. Basically bite your tongue and go with the flow.

Today I saw a number of faces from my past who all, were pleased to see me. I also saw a number of faces I never took the opportunity to speak to and just let the situation slide by. Why? Perhaps it’s because I’ve changed, or am trying to change?

I realised that a big part of my life is now missing. I’ve become too serious. I’m starting to grow up! Life never stands still. It is always evolving and I just have to evolve with it. Therefore how can I deal with my childish bursts? How can I deal with the sulking?

Everything happens for a reason. Everyone has been given a plan. Follow your heart, watch for the signs and don’t let it all pass you by. But most of all Love the ones who love you, and make sure your insecure and childish temper doesn’t scare them away.

Focus is the key. Focus on your goals. Focus on your career. Focus on your writing. Focus on your family. Believe the dreams will still come true.

Peace – Love – Art – Music


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