The Prince remembered at the Sheep Heid in Duddingston

The Prince certainly stayed in Duddingston before the Battle in 1745 …

So it is not surprising to find a painting there recalling the history. The artist who painted the scene below is not known locally but the view is from Birsley Brae/ Tranent down to the Forth. Of course history tells us that the Prince was not at that spot on the morning of 21st September. He’d left at 4 am to walk through the Riggonhead Defile on the advice of Robert Anderson with his 2500 Highland Clansmen.

But in several ways it’s a very helpful and accurate representation – the walls of Preston House are clearly shown, and the Tower, along with the sea shore dwellings and industries of Salt Preston and Cuthill.

Click to enlarge the painting
For a yet larger image click HERE

The Trust staged re-enactments in Duddingston in 2008 at The Prince’s Cottage and the Sheep Heid


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