Beggars earning over £70,000 a year

Today in the Sun it was revealed by a source in the Police that PROFESSIONAL beggars are earning the equivalent of £73,000 a year tax free.

Officers have found some coining in around £200 a night – even though they have jobs.

An operation to crack down on street scroungers discovered NONE of them was homeless and they were using the cash to supplement their salary or add to benefit payments.

One woman even admitted she begged at night after work so she could buy a new kitchen for her flat.

Police in Leicester arrested 20 beggars last month. None was homeless.

Sergeant Adrian Underwood said: “A lot of well-intentioned people see someone begging and think they are deserving causes.

“Would they give them money if they knew that person had just come out of a flat, was receiving benefits and had food in the larder?”

With the Poverty levels increasing this is just going to makes things worse for those in need


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