666 is man 999 is god and the angels‏

the truth of who the “devil” really is in relation to the real understanding of the star of david

For the Devil which is Man when you anagram Devil it spells Lived , Live , Veil , Evil , Vile , Lie

Thus the need of the Devil or Man to reach for the Heavens was due to him having LIVED out his Karma Materially / Spiritually

And the only way of Liberating himself out of the 3 Karmic Bodies of Ego Body , Mind and Emotion was to reach for the Heavens where he could LIVE without the VEIL of Illusion which the Earth Bodies create

For the Earth Bodies being of a Manmade Creation due to the Ego , leads the Soul into EVIL and VILE Lifestyles which lead him to LIE to Himself as well as Man

When you look at the combination of the Numbers 6 is symbolic of The Earth Planet and the Sign of Man putting his Hand up to the Heavens for Help and Guidance

The Number 9 is the Number of Heaven , for this is the Hand of God meeting the Earth Planet , Number 6 is reflected in the Constellation of Cancer in the Glyph / Number 69

6 being of Earth 9 being of Heaven , Cancer is the Constellation born out of the Soul being that is ruled by the Moon

The Number 9 Constellation is ruled Jupiter which is the Planet of the Lama and Spiritual Teacher / Guru this rules Sagittarius Constellation

So a simple story of Mans Evolution

The Planet Earth ruled by Virgo is a Constellation ruled by the number 6 which is symbolic of Man reaching for the Heavens

The Hand of God as it comes through the Constellation Sagittarius teaches Man how to reach this Consciousness of Realisation and the Number 9 reflects the Hand of God putting his hand out for Man to reach

As the Two Numbers 6 and 9 reflect the same Numbers as the Glyph of Cancer 69 , as Cancer is the Constellation of the Soul as it is ruled by The Moon

Thus this is the medium through which Man has to reach for the Heavens through understanding his Subtle Nature or Soul

Thus Virgo , Cancer , Sagittarius reflect the 3 Natures through which the Devil or Man has to liberate himself through the Virgo / Mind , Cancer / Soul , Sagittarius / Body = Body , Mind and Soul

Thus 666 reflects Mans 3 Earth Bodies Body , Mind and Emotion

And 999 reflects the Angels in Mans terms of the 3 Emergency Services which are Mans Angels on Earth

As much as the Devil / Man tried to liberate himself out of Earth Consciousness 3 times or these were the Three Gateways through which Man has to transcend to reach his Higher Self

999 in Modern Terms is the 3 Services which save Mans 666 3 Earth Bodies

In relation to 999 being the Trinity of the way to the Heaven through a Liberated Mind , a Liberated Consciousness which leads to a Liberated Soul

In the States 911 is the Modern Man Saviour which numerologically speaks of 2 whichever way you add it up

9 + 1 + 1 = 11 = 1+1 =2

9 +11= 20 = 2

This is the Number of the Soul

Thus the Emergency Services are reflective of Gods Angels in their Saviour Sense which is why 666 is Man and 999 is the Heavens in Action in Todays Age


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