Parasuram Uranianskye Biography

My name is Paras Skye , i was born through Native American and Scots background , hence why a lot of my work reflects the Tribes of India , Tibet ,Native America and Scotland

I spent my childhood in India , travelled through to Tibet and Mongolia seeing very much a country which has been devastated in its culture by the Chinese and the lack of support from much Richer Countries

I left Scotland when i was very young we travelled through to the East where i went to a Monastic Schooling in Dharamshala in North West India for 4 yrs

There i met an Old Lama who was one of the Dalai Lamas Teachers in Tibet before the exile . He taught me a great deal which in reality was a Spiritual Awakening about Planets , Constellations , The Supernatural World in relation to the Philosophy of the Tibetans namely Buddhism in relation to learning about Hindu Philosophy and its many Gods and Goddesses

I have had a fascination with the Universe from a Child , so meeting a Wise Old Man at such an Early Age naturally gave me a greater Freedom of Mind compared to Children in the West

After leaving Dharamshala I continued Education at a Public School in Mathura near Delhi this lasted four years until we came came to Britain again

After attending Western Schooling i went travelling and for the past 20 yrs i have spent much time in India and the Himalayas which gave me a great depth of understanding to what I had learnt earlier in life

Over the period of time that I spent in India and travelling through Europe , it showed me a lot about myself as in where my strengths were coming from

Much of my life has been a learning curve than a pleasure trip , but the learning curve gave me a greater awareness to the true nature of this Universe as well as the Earth Planet , thus if you read the Astrological Parts of my Philosophy then you will see this perspective

After coming from India to Britain 5 yrs ago , I was penniless when I reached Scotland , but I had a new mission in that all I had learnt in the time I had been travelling through the World now needed to be put into Action

Hence why Karma Yoga is more my thing meaning Devotion / Yoga through Action / Karma

Thus i walked from Perth to Aberdeen in 5 days living on Bread and Water , which gave me the understanding that i had truly walked through a Karma / Action and was now starting from the Beginning without an Ego to what I was doing

I could see how Krsna was showing me that this journey was a Real Life Adventure and not a whimsical attempt of Achievement and Success for Moneys Sake

In the time that I spent in Aberdeen I stared an Astrological Consultation Practice which has given a greater _expression for showing people Astrology from the Birthchart Perspective of their own Individual Karma , in relation to reading the Transits of Planets and Phases of Astrological Influence over a Generational Period of time , be that a Month , Year or Years

Thus the time I have spent in Aberdeen and the Highlands has given me that chance to develop this understanding of the Universe as well as piece together the truth of Astrology in relation to where God fits into all of this

Enjoy the Read

Paras Skye




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2 responses to “Parasuram Uranianskye Biography

  1. Karen

    I think you are amazing. What a wonderful story and what an amazing man. Sending you lots of love…..

  2. Thanks Karen …… Paras is one of a kind

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