711 yrs ago on The 11th September 1297 , William Wallace with His Men of Thousands Met on The Abbey Craig at Stirling Bridge to Win a War against Longshanks The King of England at this time
Longshanks had Sent an Army to Scotland  Twice Wallaces Number and had Sent Horse , Coin , Weapons , Armour , Men , Food in Large Number on Ships to Support this War against Wallace

Wallace and His Commander of His Northern Troops Andrew Moray Sealed The Northern Ports of Invernesshire and Morayshire to stop Longshanks Docking from Behind Wallace who was based in Aberdeen
Wallace Sealed The East Coast Ports from Rattray through to Edinburgh
this was to Stop Any Ship Docking with Weapons and Supplies and Flanking Wallace from Behind or to The Side of Him
Wallace Kept His Enemy in Front of Him and by Sealing All The Ports Stopping Longshanks Supplies Coming Ashore
Wallace was able to Ambush Longshanks Ships and Supplies using Guerrilla Warfare Tactics from Behind
Wallace Forced The English to March from Edinburgh to Stirling and this was so that in The Summer Heat He Could Wear The English Down Physically
And by Ambushing Their Waggon Trains , He could Starve Them of Food , Clothing , Drink , Horses and Supplies
As Wallace had Scorched The Ground Around Stirling Bridge of Crops , Food and Shelter , Longshanks was in a Position of Starvation and Exhaustion
Longshanks Commanders namely Cressingham who was The Factor Wanted to Charge The Bridge as quickly as possible as this was Costing The King a Fortune
Other Commanders Said to Wait  , but Cressingham wanted to get The Horse Across so No More Time was Wasted
For He Said The Men had not Eaten or Slept and Waiting in The Heat would not Give The Men any Freedom other than Exhaustion
The English Sent The Nobles to Speak to Wallace and to Give The Scots a Chance to Be Free as Longshanks wanted to Buy Wallace with Titles , Land and Gold
Wallace Sent The Message to The Nobles That
Go Back to Your Masters and King
Scotland Came to Stirling Bridge a Victory We Shall Sing
Go Back and Tell Them to Stand On Their Feet
For We Came Here to be Victorious and to Beat
We Shall Not Give Stirling to You
Nor Scotland or The Saltire so Blue
Leave Our Lands and You Shall Be Free
or You will Die Through Our Spears  Made from Trees
The Nobles Rode Back to Cressingham and Told of Wallaces Message
Cressingham then Gave The Order to Charge The Field and Bridge and Forced Horses and Men Across The Bridge
Not Knowing that Wallace had Engineered The Bridge to Be Destroyed as Soon as The English were Across The Bridge
Forcing The Others to Flee or Cross by The Ford  which Wallace had Ambushed as well  , for Wallace had Dug Holes in The River Bed which Unsettled The Lay of The River Bed
So That The Horses would Sink Knee Deep in The Water Forcing Their Riders to Swim Out of The Water or be Killed
Longshanks Got Across The Bridge 2000 Men Across The Bridge on Horse and Foot , Wallace Stood Watching with His Men from The Abbey Craig
He Told His Men to Allow Them Over and to Put The Schiltroms in Front of Them
Whilst His Men On His Signal which was The War Cry of CLAYMORE , They Highland Charged from The Abbey Craig to The Front of The Horse
In The Meantime His Men who had Destroyed The Bridge and its Supports were to Break The Supports and Mounts
And Let The Ropes Go which meant The Bridge Fell in The Water Forcing The English to come to Wallace and The Abbey Craig
Wallace and His Army  Destroyed The Heavy Horse Charge through Using The Schiltroms and by Destroying The Ford through The Horses becoming Stuck in The River
As The English Did Not Listen  , Wallace Destroyed The 2000 Men on His Side of The River and Andrew Moray who had used The Other Side of The River and had Hidden in The Trees Surrounding The Bridge
He Outflanked The Remaining Army of  Longshanks through Having Schiltroms to Break The Horse Charge and Bow Men Shooting Arrows into The Mass Regiments of Longshanks Army
Those that Managed to Run to Stirling Castle were Cut Down by The Army Surrounding The Forests Below The Walls of The Castle
And The Garrison Holding The Castle were Killed by Wallaces Men  as They Broke The Castle Gates to Invade The Castle
Wallace as He Had Made The Battle Himself and Engineered The Battle Field Tactics Himself Won this War through Using Simple Defensive and Attack Manoeuvres
After The Battle Wallace Stripped The Armour of The English , Took The Weapons , Horses and Supplies Further North and Gave The Food and Money to The Clans of Stirling and Falkirk
Which had Their Villages Destroyed by Longshanks ,  as They Marched through and Plundered The Villages of  Food and Drink and Anything Valuable
Wallace after Stirling was Made The Guardian and High Protector of Scotland which in Reality made Him The King of Scots for The 10 Months that Scotland had Peace from War and Destruction
In that 10 Months Wallace Ruled Scotland with an Iron Hand and got rid of Nobles Out of Scotland who had Lands on Both Sides of The Borders
The Nobles Hated Him from This Perspective , as He Showed Them as Turncoats and Refused to Have Them as Part of His War Council or in any Other Capacity as They were Loyal to Longshanks
Wallace was not Liked for His Politics or His Decisions where Scotland was Concerned , hence why The Battle of Falkirk in 1298 Showed The Nobles True Nature
When They Made An Agreement with Longshanks that They Would Leave Him Stranded in The Middle of The Field
Which would give Longshanks The Opportunity through Longbow Men to Murder Him
Their Desire to Murder Him did not have The Effect That They Planned as The Next 7 yrs After Falkirk would Show
The Planets Over The Moonlit Ridge
Shone Down on Wallace at Stirling Bridge
Mars The Warrior in Full Flight to Slay
The Enemy Longshanks is Marching Wallaces Way
The Battle of Stirling a War of The Mind
For The Sun was in Virgo on The Cusp of Libras Rind
This is Why Wallace Used The Ingenius Mind of Thought
In Relation to Mars The Body of Fight Who Cannot be Bought
Over The Hills and Far Away
Wallaces Men took Flight to Live for Another  Day
Marching High Above The Abbey Craig The Mountain of Stirling
The Highlanders had The Games of Caber and Hurling
Wallace Guardian of The Highlands
A Protector of The Free a Claymore in His Hands
Watching Like God Over His Flock and Clan
For The Threat of  Invasion Wallace Stood and Not Ran
The Claymore is Wallaces Soul of Heart
The Blade is Wallaces Mind The Ingenius Part
The Targe is Wallaces Body The Unconquerable
The Charge is Wallaces Word For Claymore He Calls
The Ancient Claymore Stands Alone in Pairs Today
When The Kilt and Plaid Were The Highland Way
The Claymore Stands as The Law of Ancient Might
The Claymore is The Hero of Wallaces Fight
For Like The Almighty Heavens and Sky it Brings Light
It Upholds The Liberty and Heart of The Law of Justice and Right
It Gave Wallace His Schiltrom from Ancient Pine Trees
The Claymore Has Given Strength to Those Who are Free
Claymore is God Like The Arrow it Hits its Targe like Wheel
Claymore is The Protector Over Targe The Shield
For The Sword is The Soul which Refuses to Yield
Living Through The Body and Mind The Blade The Destiny is Sealed
Claymore is the Trusty Friend of the Highlands
It Stood Mighty and Proud in The Warriors Hands
It Stands Aloft as The Torch That Brings Peace
It Stands Above in Heaven  as War does Cease

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