Summer Solstice Poem


The Summer Solstice is in Sight
After Aries , Taurus , Geminis Spring Light
The Coming of the Summer Planets in View
The Days to the Solstice becoming Few

The Solstice brings the Sign of the Crab
Bringing Light and Warmth to the Earth so Drab
The Healer Constellation Shines its Rays of Heat
From the Aries Head to the Pisces Feet

The Summer Solstice brings the Harvest into Bloom
Giving the Highlanders Food for the Earthy Tomb
Gathering the Hay and Grass for the Cattle
The Highlanders in the Healing Sun Prepare for Battle

A New 3 Month Cycle of Life
The Highlanders get Married to Their Lassie and Wife
The Flowers , The Pipes , The Celtic Breads
The Highlanders Thank God from the Heart to the Head

The Beginning of June Venus Enters Taurus the Bull
A Relationship Planet which has the Star of Venus Full
A Fixed Mind of Romance a Continued Passion of Aries
The Taurus Aspect is Venus Passion a Romance like a Fairy

On the 2 nd of June Neptune Retrogrades in Aquarius
Neptune is the Planet of Illusions and Dreams that are Dangerous and Hilarious
This Planet is Born of Water and Aquarius is Airy
That is Why they are both Bards and tell Stories of the Heavens and Fairies

On the 3rd of June Mercury Enters Cancer once again
A New Speech and Thought comes in the Moon like Rain
A Cardinal Sign begins a New Train of Thought
So One goes Forward and does not get Sold or Bought

Mercury in Cancer gives a Mind of Peace
Causing the Physical Desires to Cease
Its a Gifted Writer with Grace and Humour
Which can Write a Story from an Idea and Rumour

The Planet Mars enters Leo also on the 3 rd of June
Leo is a Fire Sign a King with a Silver Spoon
The Fire of Leo Continues Cancers Healing Rays
From the Moons Healing Waters to a Sun on Fire Each Day

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June the Eleventh
Completes the Journey of the Sage to the Seventh Heaven
The Wisdom of this Sign a Traveller through the Universe
Tells the Story of the Planet Earths Mind so Perverse

The Full Moon in the Month of Gemini the Twins
Reflects the Suns Higher Mind Sagittarius as the Air becomes Thin
Air of Gemini , Fire of Sagittarius Creates a Spiritual Mind and Action
Which Speaks of the Story of Karmic Reaction

Both Signs tell a Story of the Universe in Motion
The Full Moon Shines its Light Revealing the Magical Potion
Wisdom of Old Spoken Through the Youth of Mercury the Mind
Allows One to See the Future , so the Past is Left Behind

On the 19th of June Uranus in Pisces Retrogrades
This will Bring the Higher Mind Out of the Material Shade
To Heighten the Mind to See the Heavens Once More
Uranus is the Planet which can Open the Astrological Door

Uranus Reflects the Planets , Constellations and Stars
The Constellations of Karma that Reflect the God Mars
Uranus Retrogrades making One See Through the Illusion
For Uranus is the Planet that Rebels Against Man Made Delusions

As Uranus is the Planet of this Aquarian Age
Uranus is the New Age Bard and Sage
Independent , Individual from Earth to the Skyes
Uranus has an Intuitive Mind that Sees Through Lies

On the 21 st June At 12.26 pm The Sun Enters Cancer The New Mind of Light
Cancer Reflects The 3 Summer Months Now in Sight
The Sun Enters on the 15 th the Cusp of the Crab ruled by the Moon
The Sign of Cancer can be Seen in the Skye from the Sand Dunes

The Northnode Enters on the 24th of June the Pisces Sign
Which Brings a New Universal Energy for the Soul to Refine
The Northnode is the Destiny of Societys Evolution
Which Reflects in Mans 18 Month Transit of the Northnode Revolution

The Northnode in Pisces will Flow Water Like Rain
To Free Man of all His Personalities Insane
To Live in the Bigger Universal Mind
The Pisces Energy Reflects Compassion so Kind

The Next 18 Months Pisces will Expose Truths
Of All Happenings Under the Material Universe Roof
From Royalty , Government , to Life on the Streets
Pisces Speaks the Truth from the Head to the Feet

The Northnode in Pisces Dissolves all Ones Illusions
It Refines the Minds Ego of Delusion
As much as Pisces has Dreams so Strange
It can Dissolve a Mind which Neptune Deranged

The Ending of a 10 Year Cycle has Now Come About
The Libra to Aries Northnode Reflected the Warriors Warlike Shout
The Journey of Being Like the Universe is Now at an End
Pisces to Libra Northnode will Reflect a Warrior Healing the Soulful Friend

The Next Ten Years will bring out of Man His True Mind of Self
The True Desires which give His Ego Karmic Wealth
The Northnode is the True Reflection of Ones Past Life Mind
The Pisces to Libra Nodes the Bohemian Nomad is the Ego Man will Find

The 24th of June at Midnight 31 Venus Enters Air and Gemini
The Relationship Begins a Two Dimensional Mind that Flies High
The Passion of Venus now Becomes Words of the Mind
The Passion of Words and Seeking to Understand is All One will Find

The Ending of the Spring Signs in Venus will push One to be Free
Gemini Rises Above the Earth and Climbs in Mind to the Top of the Tree
The Turbulence of Beginning and Developing Ones Passion for the Year
Is Spoken through Venus the Planet of Love without Fear

The New Moon in Cancer on the 25th of June
Brings the Soul the Moon into the Healer Sign after 12 Noon
At 4 .05 pm the Moon Enters a New 7 Day Cycle
Through Cancer , Leo , Virgo on the Birthday of George Michael

The New Moon as it Rises will Begin a New Life
The Moon being the Soul Cuts the Earth Karma like a Knife
As the Moon Transits Through Cancer the Womb and the Healer
The Refined Mind of the Soul Awakens the Spiritual Teacher

On the 28th of June at 19 .57 pm Mercury Enters Leo the King
Leo Constellation gives Mercury the God of Communication the Power to Sing
The Power of Mind in a Fixed Straight Line
Gives a Voice of Decadence and Sophistication so Fine

Mercury in Leo Transits with the Air of Mind and Fire of Action
Rising the Mind to the Compatible Sign Aquarius a Sign of Rebel Reaction
The Mercury Leo a Constellation of Fixed Determination an Individual Creed
Which Continues the Mercury Cancer Healing Energy helping One to be Freed

The Cancer Energy of Mercury in Words and Writing
Brings Forth the Healing in a Turbulent Mind which is Fighting
Against the Restrictions of Past Karmas and Habits of Old
Mercury Leo Rises Above the World and Money of being Bought and Sold

This Summers Constellations are Freeing the Mind to Think
Time on Earth Moves Faster than One can Blink
The Summer Solstice is the Start of a The Suns New Cycle
This is Spoken as a God in the Holy Indian Vedas and Bible

In the Anagramed Word Summer One Can Spell


For the Suns Light is the Effulgence of God , so God / Soul asks , If Your Soul is Clear in Consciousness

Then the Supersoul / Holy Spirit asks the Bodily Mind R U SURE U R ME


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