Ruthven Barracks Skirmish en route to Perth

A brief and unsuccessful diversion as the Prince marched to Perth

As the Highlanders completed their crossing of the Corrieyairack Pass they were briefly tempted to attack the redcoats’ rearguard as Cope made his way north to Inverness. The focus was just outside Dalwhinnie in the Ruthven Barracks. It was an inapproprate diversion for some 200 Highlanders, and a notably unsuccessful one.

Just as Donald MacConnell of Keppoch had savoured a sweet success with eleven men and a piper at High Bridge, now it was the turn of redcoat Sergeant Molloy with but twelve men to repulse the attackers. It can be seen from the pictures below how relatively impregnable the barracks were, although by then promoted Lieutenant Molly did succumb in February 1746 when a larger Highland force attacked with artillery.

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