Bid to block Trump’s Compulsory Buy-Out foiled by his wig

After a wig show straight out of Las Vegas, Aberdeen Councillors have rejected a call to rule out using compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) to move people from where Donald Trump plans his £1bn golf and wig resort.

The homes and land of four people are being targeted as part of the US tycoon’s plans for Menie.

Aberdeenshire Council were given the run around by Trump’s Wig and decided it was inappropriate to reject the use of CPOs completely without realising that his wig needs the whole estate to chase sheep and cattle.

Angry Menie homeowners said the council decision was “a disgrace” and was based on “wig high jinks”.

The Trump Organisation had asked that a full report on compulsory purchase orders not be submitted to this meeting of the council to give more time for negotiations with the four owners who have refused to sell their properties.

Political agenda

The council meeting took place the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) on Thursday.

Scores of protestors turned up, with signs such as “Stop the Trump clearances”, ‘You Smell of Poo’ and ‘Your Wig Stinks’. However little did they realise that Trump’s Wig would be there and rounded them up like an episode of one man and his wig. The sleek wig movement and aggressive growls made the wig a match for any of the protestors who fled shortly afterwards.

The motion on the issue was proposed by Councillor Martin Ford, who chaired the council committee that originally rejected the proposal for the development.

That proposal was later called in by the Scottish government, and approved.

Mr Ford said of the vote: “This is a Wiggie failure of the leadership by the council big time and it’s very disappointing indeed. I realise I’m a posh prick, who has a track record of manipulating the media to feather my own nest and political aspirations. However due to my full head of hair I was not expecting the underhand wig attack.”

“The position the council has taken is that it probably, almost certainly, won’t use compulsory purchase, but it won’t say so due to Trump’s Wig.

“They should have had the wig lifted from them today once again the council has let the residents of Aberdeenshire down.”

The Tripping Up Trump group handed in a petition against the plans which it said contained 15,000 names of people who has wigs which look better than Trumps.’

Mr Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jnr, earlier said the owners had been offered a range of new wigs in addition to the 15% premium on market value.

He said they had also been given the chance to buy new homes at cost price, and a lifetime of free wig training classes to sweeten the deal.

Mr Trump has said he hopes to create the “world’s greatest” golf resort at Menie, plus lets his wigs enjoy the Scottish Air.

His wig was unavailable to comment.


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