African Youngsters Make Waves in Dubai Music Scene with Hip-hop

More people are taking to the hip-hop culture in a serious way after the local brothers — Illmiyah (Salim Dahman) and Arableak (Abdallah Dahman) — made the music popular here.

The future of hip-hop in Dubai is continuously having surprises, the most recent being three African expat security guards who joined the fraternity here.

The threesome from two east African countries — Tanzania and Uganda — have already composed a number of singles that are already filling up most of the African Dubai based nightclubs and have had some of their songs played on the local FM stations.

The three, Mohammed Mutebi aka Medkon 27, Richard Busweta aka Rikbacs 30, both from Uganda, and Seifudin Byansi, 28, from Tanzania work as security guards in Dubai. They started off with music as a hobby. Today, they are going big with their own hits here.

Mutebi and Busweta are friends from the Uganda business school Nakawa. Mutebi has a diploma in hotel management while Busweta is a business administration diploma holder, from the same institute.

Their journey to Dubai started with a newspaper advert calling for security guards. They arrived in Dubai a month after they had applied for the jobs.

“It was good coming to Dubai though in the beginning I felt nervous that I was in the wrong career, I never dreamt to be a security guard but this is 
just the beginning, the future is bright here in Dubai especially if we establish ourselves in the music arena,” 
Medkon said.

Busweta, also a graduate in education said he had to pay $2,000 to the recruitment agents hoping he would get a placement to teach English in a school but after spending a lot of money, the recruitment agent said he would be working as a security guard in Dubai.

“I had no choice but to take the offer but like a bright person I have got to think of the future,” he said.

Busweta has already three songs playing on the east African airwaves, these are ‘Nawumwa’, ‘African Unite’ and ‘Love is Life’. Fluent in more than two African languages and English, Busweta sings in Swahilli, Luganda and English.

“I want now to concentrate on developing my talent in English since Dubai is multi-cultural. I should reach out to a wider audience and language is not going be a barrier to my music,” he said.

Khaleej Times


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