‘Final Tapestry Designs’ released for first groups of embroiderers

For many of the volunteer ‘stitchers’ on the Prestonpans Tapestry, it’s been a frustrating wait. They’d volunteered and were keen to get started, but both the Trustees and artist Andrew Crummy insisted that ‘sign offs’ of design panels had to come first and that has taken time. A vociferous cadre of ‘itchy stitchers’ has emerged!

However … everything eventually comes along for those who wait .. and it’s possible now to see some of Andrew Crummy’s designs that are into final ‘sign off’.

Just to be sure everyone knows what’s what, the four pencil drawings are: [i] The Prince with Beatrix Jenkinson and her sister at Duddingston; [ii] the Highland Clans crossing the Roman Bridge in Musselburgh en route to Birslie Brae; [iii] the capture of Cope’s baggage train at Cockenzie House; and [iv] the Prince at Pinkie House the night after the battle.

Click Prestonpans WEbsite to view


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