Stitchers ‘Pans Gang’ almost Complete

New Stitchers joined the Pans Gang at the Gothenburg on November 5th!

The Prestonpans Tapestry now has ‘almost’ every panel signed up for with new recruits just joined from Dunbar and Glasgow, Falkirk and Dunblane ….

Andrew Crummy, Artistic Director, has completed all 80+ black pencil sketches [which are the basis of sign off with local communities] and is well on with creating the full size paintings for the stitchers which are then outlined on the linen using a light box.

Dorie Wilkie, Head Stitcher, is launching a series of StitchIn Sessions over the coming months as well as the guide already provided at the website.

Gillian Hart as Convenor of the Stitchers is working to despatch the linens and the wools across the nation …

…and a new ‘Tapestry 2010 Parade Group’ led by Prince Charles Edward himself [aka Arran Johnson seen below writing letters at Borrodale House] will be convened at end November. Its responsibilities also include the accompanying full colour souvenir book and the development of the dvd/ website.

Click for PICTURES


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