Trump is abusive towards golf course opponent and plans to end it in the wrestling ring

Billionaire Donald ‘THE WIGGGIE-MEANIE-POO’ Trump calls salmon fisherman ‘dirty’, ‘smelly and a ‘loser’ after his mother goes to court to stop home being seized for development.

The billionaire issued an abusive attack on Michael Forbes, the salmon fisherman and quarryman who is resisting the resort, after Forbes’s elderly mother began legal proceedings to prevent the local council seizing her home by compulsory purchase.

Trump claimed Molly Forbes, 85, who lives in a static caravan called “Paradise” next to her son’s home, was being exploited to further her son’s “personal vendetta” against him.

In a statement issued from his New York offices last night, Trump said Forbes “has always been dirty, sloppy and unkempt in his personal appearance and demeanor, unlike me with my double breasted suit, clean socks, freshly pressed y-fronts and expensive wig. He is a loser who is seriously damaging the image of Aberdeenshire, while I represent what is greedy about Las Vegas.

“His property is a disgusting blight on the community and an environmental hazard, with leaking oil containers, rusted shacks and abandoned vehicles dumped everywhere. It is a very poor image and representation for the world to see of Scotland. I want it to be converted to the staff entrance for my very expensive hotel that none of the locals can afford to enjoy”

Trump’s attack has significantly increased the likelihood that he will ask Aberdeenshire council to arrange an old school wrestling match at the Castle Gate between Trump the Wig & WCW’s Vince McMahon against Michael Forbes Mum and the other residents who are refusing to vacate their properties. Trump believes his famous ‘Inverted facelock camel clutch’ will force a submission and enable him to demolish every property within the resort’s boundaries unnecessary to his development.

Trump insists the land is essential to the £1bn project, and if it meant he had to try a high risk maneuver off the top rope just like the Undertaker, body slamming an old lady to get his way, then he is prepared to do it.

Mrs Forbes yesterday applied to the court of session for an interim interdict, or injunction, after the council decided in September to grant Trump outline planning permission for all five parcels of land involved. She accuses the council of breaching planning and European law – charges rejected by Aberdeenshire and Trump.

She said: “I never expected in my life to face eviction from my home, let alone for a golf course. This is not a battle I would ever have sought, but Mr Trump better watch out as even though I’m his senior in years I can still invert my famous Figure Four Ankle Lock, which will leave that fat American and his wig screaming in pain.’

Trump didn’t realize Mrs Forbes ability in the ring, and is watching several videos of her in her youth at the Potterton Games performing another move called the Indian deathlock; the reports are Trump is quaking in his wig.

Many observers believe Aberdeen Councillors will reject Trump’s plans for attempts to arrange the wrestling match, when it comes to a formal vote. Trump initially claimed Mrs Forbes’ legal action had killed off any chances of agreeing a deal to buy her son’s property and he would resort to violence, but Trump is running scared and is starting to change his tune.

Not too miss out on the action Martin Ford, the independent white-settler councillor who has championed the case against the resort, said Trump’s “intemperate” comments were “par for the course, the standard reaction from Mr Trump to anyone who stands up to him. Also I have mean Half Nelson Choke, which I would like wrench on him”

Ford said that he would be prepared to make this a CAGE MATCH if Trump wasn’t a chicken, and have a fight to the death. Easy-Easy-Easy.



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3 responses to “Trump is abusive towards golf course opponent and plans to end it in the wrestling ring

  1. Marsh

    Nice one Abou Ali – telling it like it is!

  2. I’m glad for a new person to win the masters!

  3. KSaunders

    Never judge a book by its cover Mr. Trump!!
    Your lack of education and poor judgement is shocking. Your choice of women proves it.

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