More than four million children living in poverty in the UK

Child poverty is soaring despite Government promises to wipe it out, a children’s charity has revealed.

Four million children are now living in poverty, Barnardo’s says, with their parents having £10 or less a day to pay for food, heating, clothes and electricity for each family member.

The charity found that child poverty rose in 17 of the 20 poorest constituencies in Britain last year.

The Ladywood area of Birmingham had the highest concentration of youngsters living in poverty, 83 per cent, which was up 2.5 per cent in a year. This was followed by central Manchester with 81 per cent, and Sparkbrook and Small Heath in Birmingham with 80.4 per cent.

And Barnardo’s chief executive Martin Narey warned things will get worse as the recession continues to bite. He said: “It is intolerable that in some places in the UK eight out of 10 children are growing up poor.”

He called on Alistair Darling to honour his pledge to wipe out child poverty with new measures in Wednesday’s Pre-Budget Report.

“If the Chancellor doesn’t announce significant new investment he will be letting thousands of children down,” he said, adding an extra £4billion is needed to halve child poverty next year.

Source: The Mirror


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