Scottish T-shirt supporting anyone but England – Harmless fun or Racism

Grampian Police obviously have their priorities right, with all the increase in crime in Aberdeen they are managing to bring the national newspapers back to the city for another reason.  Once again Scotland fail to qualify for a World Cup and unfortunately there is only one team for the tartan army to support any one who plays England.  Now this is now seen as Racism according to the Police even though no member of the public complained.  Technically they are no doubt correct.  Is it not time we put the past behind us, will the Scots ever support England in a major finals, or will this banter go forever more.  So who benefits?  Well some good free publicity for the shop, and whoever made the t-shirt will make a fortune, reports say they are now online and all the Irish, Aussie’s, Welsh, French, Dutch, German, Swiss, etc are all buying them.  hahahahha.  Read the full article

A Scottish clothing company has been warned by police over t-shirts expressing the hope that ‘Anyone but England’ wins this summer’s World Cup.

World Cup 'Anyone but England' t-shirt - 0

An impromptu visit from an officer raising concerns over the shirt’s sentiments left staff at the shop “flabbergasted”.

The visit was not in response to a complaint, and no action has been taken against the company.

However, Grampian Police claim that they would be neglecting their duty if the matter was not addressed.

PC Kirk Hemmings said: “The primary role of any police force is to preserve the peace and we would be failing in our duty if we did not make people aware of the potential for disturbance such a window display could cause.

“The Grampian area, in common with the rest of the country, has recorded incidents relating to nationality and we have a responsibility to do our best to ensure that incidents of this nature are kept to a minimum.

Ross Lyle of Slanj said: “To be honest we’re absolutely flabbergasted.

“We have been selling this T-shirt for the past three months and we’ve had a great response. Even the English people who come into the store think it’s a laugh and just a bit of tongue-in-cheek football banter.

“We’re certainly not being racist. We are the same race as the English. It’s just daft to say it’s offensive.”

The slogan is believed to have originated from the phrase ‘ABU’, short for ‘Anyone but United’, referring to football fans who will support any team that is playing Premier League champions Manchester United.

The t-shirt is described on Slanj’s website as “A light hearted dig at our English neighbours and their prospects in the forthcoming World Cup, not that we’re bitter or anything, just because we didnae qualify!”



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10 responses to “Scottish T-shirt supporting anyone but England – Harmless fun or Racism

  1. McInnes

    Im Scottish, not English. So why should i feel obliged to suport them during their World Cup campaign. Ive got lots of English friends but i would’nt think twice to wearing the ABE t-shirt. At the end of the day its just banter and im sure our southern neighbours would agree.

    • ricky

      im scottish and this is how i see it!! if celtic and rangers were in europe and say rangers went out, would there supporters then be expected to support celtic!!!!!
      cant see that happening some how, can u? so why should it be any different for national teams. would england support france if england went out?

  2. Gmac

    I don’t mind any pea brained bigoted racist wraring this t-shirt! (it might as well say I’m a tosser on the back!)

  3. kim gibson

    what nonsense, If ireland had qualified would we have been slated for these Tees. i am Scottish and want Holland to win WC I refuse to be told who I can and who i cannot support. After all we have to listen to the media drone on and on about England winning the thing Surely they don’t need our support too.

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  7. Hi,

    I am in the unenviable position of being an Englishwoman living in Scotland. The Scots absolutely hate the English, it is not about t-shirts, it is about ingrained hatred of English people that is passed down from father to son, generation to generation.

    Come to my house when England is playing in the World Cup and you can hear my neighbours calling the English all sorts of things while the match is playing. The fact that their children are around doesn’t deter the Scottish fathers and mothers, and of course the children learn that the English are to be hated.

    My daughter got so much abuse from not just the children at her school, but also from the teachers.

    I would not recommend anyone wearing a Scotland Not Playing t-shirt in Scotland; chances are you will end up in the local A & E!

    Ultimately, we did take over the Scottish monarchy some several hundred years ago. And, as English people, we are still hated for it.


    • ricky

      hi ruth, was wondering what school your little girl goes to? I find it quite hard to beileve you when you say that your daughters teachers also give her so much abuse!!! having lived on both sides of the wall i wouldn’t say that the english have any less hatred for us!! and was it just me or is there a slight undertone of bigotry in your post towards scots/fathers/mothers/children/teachers………
      just my hate fuelled scottish opinionxxx

  8. ricky

    im scottish so why would i want to support england?? if france went through in the world cup would english fans support them? doubt it somehow!! its the english media that really bugs me, they really cant see passed themselves, i wish they reached the finals…………..
    just for germany to do them proper there!!!!
    the second rounds alright though!!!

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