Catholics and Mormons unite? Anti Gay Marriage means more that spiritual divide?

Catholics and Mormons unite against secular America. Catholics and Mormons are now seeking common cause in defense against an increasingly secular society.

This week Cardinal Francis George spoke to a large and receptive audience at Brigham Young University. His message: Mormons and Catholics must stick together and resist growing secular pressure. Archbishop of Chicago, member of the College of Cardinals and head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, George helps set the tone and direction for church policy and position here in the USA. Hence, George reaching out, and being so well received by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), more commonly known as Mormons, is significant.

Despite their large theological differences, Catholics and Mormons are willing to unite against perceived secular pressure. What is this secular pressure? It seems a big source of secular pressure comes from the gay marriage issue. If it was not for Mormon involvement in Proposition 8, there is every chance the same-sex marriage ban in California would not have been passed. The fact that Mormons had the money and organization to defeat gay marriage in California makes them a natural and powerful alley.

While their theological differences are huge, their political enemies are the same: Women and gays.

Both Catholics and Mormons take pride in the notion that they defend the unborn and push for traditional marriage. “Protecting the unborn” is code for denial of women’s right to reproductive health care; “protecting traditional marriage” is code for homophobia, and the denial of basic rights to the GLBT community.

The alliance of Catholics and Mormons should surprise no one. It is a natural consequence of the omnipresent culture wars. The only real question is when and if Mormons, Catholics and Christians join forces with Islam to try and force a global theocracy. The idea is not as far fetched as it might sound. The sad fact is, once one accepts the existence of a non-existent god, one is capable of most any atrocity in the name of that non-existent god.


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