Nepal Prime Minister not happy with efforts to reduce country’s poverty

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has expressed dissatisfaction at the work of Poverty Alleviation Fund, Nepal, saying that though its report shows good progress in the poverty front, the country’s poverty level has actually not decreased.

Speaking at the 29th board meeting of PAF, Nepal Tuesday morning, he also raised suspicion over the use of the funds meant to alleviate poverty in the country and demanded why the budget dispersed in the districts have not been fully spent.

PM Nepal, who is also chairperson of PAF board by virtue of his post, stressed on the need to make the monitoring part from the local level to the central level effective so as to curb the misuse of funds.

He was also of the opinion that there needs to be better coordination and cooperation between the government, PAF and non government organizations to reduce poverty in the country.

The Tenth Five-Year Plan (2003-2008) adopted by the government has identified poverty alleviation as its overall objective.

However, the successive governments have failed to come up with strategies to bail the lower strata of the society out of poverty.



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