First Muslim woman UK Minister threatened by Islamic Fundamentalists

Baroness and Tory leader Sayeeda Warsi may be the first Muslim woman to hold a full Cabinet Post, but Muslim fundamentalists see her as an apostate who is hardly representative of the Muslim community.

She has also been warned of physical harm if she visits Muslim pockets. Last year she was pelted with eggs by Muslim protesters when she visited Luton, Bedfordshire.

Anjem Choudhary, a firebrand radical preacher whose group Islam4UK was banned by the last government accuses her of betraying her religion by supporting the British Army’s involvement in Islamic countries.

He told the Daily Star: “Sayeeda Warsi is not a Muslim in my eyes. She may look like a Muslim and have a Muslim-sounding name but she does not ­represent Islam or anyone in this country who is a Muslim”.

“She is a ‘coconut’, brown on the outside but white on the inside. In fact, she is whiter than most of the other white people in government,” he said.

“How can she be a Muslim and support the military involvement of the British Army in Islamic countries? She will be attacked by eggs every time she goes near a Muslim community,” he said.

“Some more extreme protesters may take the attacks further. There is no doubt she is in danger,” Choudhary added


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