A new spectacular sculpture to be carved out of the Yorkshire Dales

A spectacular sculpture which has been compared to the Angel Of The North is being carved out in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales

Coldstones Cut, a major piece of public art made out of giant blocks of rock, is transforming the landscape near the village of Pateley Bridge.

The work of art has been designed by sculptor Andrew Sabin, who studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Thas worked in the UK, France, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.

It was originally conceived as a project by members of Nidderdale Visual Arts, a small local charity dedicated to using arts as a way of benefiting the community.

Its design comprises two spiral walkways leading to a passageway opening out onto a viewing platform.

Construction of the massive sculpture started in March and the finished product will be officially opened on September 16 by the director of Tate Britain, Dr Penelope Curtis.

She said: “The combination of nature, art and a nationally recognised sculptor and local enthusiasm is what makes this project so very special.”

Once it is open, visitors will be able to walk through the sculpture
and ascend up to 1,400 feet above sea level to explore the views from Nidderdale across to York Minster and as far as South Yorkshire.

A viewing platform willl also enable people to see the day-to-day workings of Coldstone Quarry nearby.

The £500,000 cost of the sculpture was funded from a variety of bodies including the Arts Council, DEFRA, and regional development agency Yorkshire Forward.


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