Indian all-religion crematorium given all-clear

The building of an all-religion crematorium and burial ground in the city has been cleared with HUDA’s chief administrator clearing the proposal last week after finding no substance in the demands of nearby villagers who wanted a stadium on the land.

Ten acres of land on the outskirts of Wazirabad village in sector 53 A were chosen for the project early this year.

The project will cost a staggering Rs 6.5 crore, and should be one of the most modern crematorium grounds not just in the NCR but also in the country. Sources in HUDA’s Gurgaon office confirmed the order from chief administrator D P S Nangal had come last week. “HUDA had earmarked land for the project but work on the all-religion crematorium ground had not started because of objections by the villagers. But now work is being fast-tracked and we will try and complete the project in 16 months,” said a senior HUDA official involved with the project.

The villagers had been opposing the project because they did not want a crematorium so close by. Their argument was that the crematorium would pollute the air, and were instead demanding a stadium on the land. The chief administrator had a long discussion with representatives of the village and then decided to go ahead with the project. “The city needs a larger crematorium and burial ground, one with all the modern facilities,” said another senior HUDA official.

According to the HUDA plan, five acres of the crematorium cum burial ground will be used by Hindus while the other five acres will be equally divided between Muslims and Christians. HUDA also plans to install several state-of-the-art electric crematoriums to minimise pollution. “In the first phase, cremation space will be earmarked for different religions. In the second phase, an electric crematorium will be set up which can be used by anybody who wishes to do so,” said the official

The villagers however are still unhappy with HUDA’s decision to go ahead with the crematorium cum burial ground. “The complex will make life miserable for people living in the area. HUDA should ideally build a stadium on the land to popularise sports among the youth,” said Girdhari Lal, a resident of Wazirabad village.

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Source: Times India


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