Russian artist plans to make giant sculpture for Putin & Medvedev

The well-known Georgian-born artist Zurab Tsereteli said Tuesday he could make a sculpture of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

“I don’t rule out this possibility, but I should create an image first,” Tsereteli told reporters. “They are both very flexible.” Sculptures by Tsereteli are seen in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The artist also planned to build a monument to the Nobel-winning poet and novelist Boris Pasternak in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in downtown Moscow at the yearend.

Tsereteli’s most famous work is a 98-meter monument to Peter the Great on the Moscow River. Acting Moscow Mayor Vladimir Resin said the monument could be relocated, but the proposal met with immediate opposition.

The issue was also discussed on Monday evening during Medvedev’s meeting with Russian rock musicians. Medvedev said the destiny of Tsereteli’s masterpiece will depend on decision by the new Moscow mayor, whom he was about to decide in the near future.

Tsereteli was currently working on a sculpture dedicated to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi.


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