Papua Hip Hop songs of Independence

The struggle towards independence Papua from Indonesian was held not only by arms and diplomacy, but also songs.

As the video apparatus violence against the people of Papua, which tarnished the reputation of Indonesia, the struggle of the Papuan songs this time are also distributed through the YouTube site.

The song in the video duration 2; 53 minutes was given a description as “The Sound of Freedom from the next generation of West Papua.! Papuan independence .!!!!”

Illustration of the visual form of a photograph ceremonies surrounding the Papuan independence movement, but also ironic. Song lyrics in hip-hop are packed wing was condemned not only Indonesia but also the Netherlands and the United States.

“Pigs Indonesia is tantamount to the Dutch government. Torang two secretly want to kill me,” it said. Torang is shorthand for “our people” in the dialect of Papua.

United States condemned for its role in bridging the dispute between Indonesia and Papua fight versus the Netherlands in the west. “America, the Netherlands, Indonesia. You used to sell Torang, huh? August 15, 62, yes? In New York, huh?” Thus mockery in the song.

On 15 August 1962 referring to the talks in New York who agreed to surrender West Papua to Indonesia by the Dutch, with some conditions. The talks were doomed because it does not involve the Papuan separatist Papuan representatives altogether.

But there is irony in the video illustration. Although condemning the Netherlands, they also whine for attention Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In the video the song was titampilkan poster that read, “Why are you SILENT about genocide in WEST PAPUA Indonesian?” Then, also equipped with a photo line of seats in the Dutch parliament building.


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