the pigeon project is a dedicated fraternity whose strength lies in the absolute integrity of its artists…….. When primitive man first came to the Earth (or evolved from Monkeys), apart from Basic Survival the first thing he learned to do for enjoyment was to scrape drawings on the walls of Caves and bang a rock with a big bone, that was where society was first created. 2,000,000 years of human evolution, religion and society and now we have Chaos! All that we will have left once we are all gone is Music and Art. Through Music and Art we will try to bring Peace and Love to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter wealth, religion, creed, colour, sex or race!..

We are looking for anyone out there to join our movement, whether it be artists, producers, DJs, Honkey Kats, bands, poets, people who are down with having fun, heavy drinkers, 23rd century people and those who want everything to be as one……. also if you have a problem and no one else is able to help you then it may be worth contacting the pigeon project…..

If you would like to contribute and have your own section, feel free to get in touch.

Everything that is written and featured in this website may not be a 100% historically correct, however, what is?

If you would like to hear any of the Pigeon Project Music then visit Pigeon Project Label


9 responses to “About

  1. It’s come to my attention via a colleague that you have used a poem of mine without my permission, violating my publisher’s copyright. I don’t recall being asked by you for permission to use my poem Christy Brown on your website. I would appreciate your reply.

  2. I do understand what you are saying about copyright and my ignorance is not an acceptable excuse. Your Poem has been removed and apology at the link below


  3. Somos un grupo de Rock progresivo Roma (IT). un productor cuya tratando de publicar nuestra música Spagna.Il nuestro sitio web http / / http://www.overfourteen.eu un saludo. Creative Commons.

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  5. Narcotic Dimension

    how do i send you my music in chance of signing.

  6. Hi, I’ve just moved to Aberdeen and am looking to get some of my music out there. I go by the name PolyEvolver and specialise in Electro-Ambient music which at the moment is exclusivly instrumental. Here is a link to the Reverb Nation page with my music on. I only set it up in the last few hours to try and get a bit of coverage. Nearly everyone has told me to get my stuff out there but I must admit the whole thing scares me a little. Anyway here I am , hope you like. http://www.reverbnation.com/polyevolver?popup_render=%2Fcontroller%2Fartist%2Fadd_photo%2F1075134%3Ffrom_activate%3Dtrue

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  8. Hey there. I just received in my mailbox a postcard. On the front is a photograph of a dense forest in winter, some pigeon-like creatures posed in the snow. On the back is an extensive handwritten quote from Farley Mowat, I’m guessing from “Never Cry Wolf”, which is one of my favorite books of all time. It was a really nice gesture! Thank you. It isn’t exactly clear if this is an invitation to a show, nor exactly who is organizing it (the only website is for colleen rudolf, and her site says nothing about pigeon project, nor does this site seem to refer to the card at all. But anyway, I thought it was great!

    Ben Evans
    Gallery Director
    NURTUREart, Brooklyn

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